Friday, November 16, 2012

Why infatuation disappears?

I watch the film. They stand before the altar, and probably thinking that they have found the love of his life. Their parents sat in the front row and pray for their children to stay together forever and preserve love (if, of course, not a Namco). This is perhaps your story, your parents or your future stories. It's easy to fall in love, but it is much harder to keep love. Where (maybe) one day leave all this love?

Scientists explain that, if you believe that the problem in our relationship to sex, then - I'm wrong.It's just a cover-up problems. Sex is just a mirror of the rest of the links.

Making love is an art and craft, as well as cooking or playing. Required skills and exercise and everyday use of these skills.

And love is magic. If you learn to love working for you and not against you will become a great magician.

Like all powerful force in the universe love can be used, so to harm or to heal. You can learn to make love to create happiness for yourself and others. Sometimes it may be easier to stay in the prison than face the fact. But remember well, every time you stop to love "part of you dies," and every time we choose to love again, to some extend our hand, and to feel, you in such a way brings himself.

Neither connection becomes unbearable at night. Our relations with other people to "break down" gradually. Our mental, physical and emotional impact on energy consumption of other people. You should always look at problems, fights, disagreements. Solve them!

"Things have changed," is an idiotic remark. We are changing things. There are victims of change, but no casualties things. They are hiding behind the imprecision of language.

So what kills love? Only one - neglect. I do not see it when standing in front of you. Do not think of it when it comes to the little things. Pronounce her name, and that it does not echo in your head.

"I love you" Even though this is perhaps something that at least two original beings can say to each other, and why each of us still longs to hear it? I'm not the first to say it, and yet, when he does say and when I do it, speak like savages who have found two words and love them. These words are the object of my worship.

I love you, turns into praise, treble that break the glass and spilling the liquid.

My lips have uttered them many times, letting them fall, like a coin in the fountain, and in the hope that my desire for them to meet.

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