Saturday, December 8, 2012

A healthy start to the day

Morning we can be ugly or magic, it all depends on our actions. Most of us would love to have at least some of that environment. And it is possible. See 8 tips to help you start your day beautiful and healthy.

First Awaken your senses.
Fill your bedroom with the soothing svjetilima, your favorite colors, scents, flowers and music.

Second Touch the sky.
Stretching your body after waking up, is a wonderful way to shaking your joints and increase their flexibility. Imitate the way that cats do, where they wake up. Slowly stand up, breathe in the air when the stretch, and then slowly exhale.

3rd Promise yourself.
As soon as you wake up, think about something beautiful as the day you can do for yourself.

4th Treat yourself to a water massage.
Use the shower in the morning to clean your body and mind. Mentally focus on positive thoughts and use a hot water pressure to stimulate your muscles. Be aware that soap and water well affect your skin.

5th Eat breakfast healthy.
Fill sevoje body with fiber-rich breakfast that includes whole grains, fruits and low fat proteins.

6th Enjoy your writing.
Allow your mind to wander. Then write down your thoughts. It may help you to see your real needs.

7th Move your body.
Wake up your metabolism and your body energized. Exercising in the morning shows that you put your health first, and it helps you feel good about yourself all day.

8th Win a foggy feeling in my head.
If you are not a morning person, try the recipe for a rough start. Concentrate on the important tasks of the day, and do them one at a time, and thereby give yourself enough time to be ready for them.Some people also helps to have a list of morning activities that must be done that day. Try it yourself!

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