Saturday, December 8, 2012

A smile cures all

Negative emotions are low energy. Many people spend their lives in anger, sadness, depression, fear, anxiety, and other kinds of negative energy. These types of energy lead to chronic disease and steals most of our life force. Smile, knowingly submitted internal organs and all body parts - including all organs, glands and muscles, and nervous system - produces a high level of energy that can be treated and possibly transform the existing energy to a higher level.

Sincere smile transmits loving energy, which has the power to heal and warm. A former editor of The Saturday Review, Norman Cousins ​​wrote in his book "Anatomy of an illness" as the cure of rare diseases of the connective tissue watching old Marx Brothers movies. In ancient China, Taoist masters have realized the power of smiling energy. They practiced internal smile, powering life-giving - Chi - Chi energy and produce high levels. So they have had health, happiness and longevity.Smiling to myself as a swim in the rays of love, and love can repair damage and rejuvenate. The inner smile smiling sends energy to your organs and glands, which are vital for life.
It seems ironic that so many people pay attention to the exterior, and few are aware of just what they look like our internal organs and glands, where they are and what their function. What's worse, people have become insensitive to subtle reminders that send bodies when they abused the poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. If people are more aware of their bodies and glands begin to respect and appreciate what makes them healthy and start listening to their messages, usually are rewarded with vitality and relaxation.
The inner smile is the most effective action to combat the stresses of life. In today's society, people spend millions of dollars just to find a way of relieving stress. Often, these drugs provide only partial and temporary relief. Inner smile (he knowingly submitted internal organs) is closely related to the thymus gland and increases the activity of the gland, which is the seat of higher enlightenment, love and life force energy Chi. When a person is under emotional stress, the thymus gland is the first to go.In the book "Your body can not lie." Dr.. Diamond presents a study showing that the thymus plays the role of the Comptroller General who directs the life energy of the body. Theories about cancer formulated by Sir MacFarlane Burner, Australian Nobel laureate, suggesting that increased activity of the thymus gland increases the ability of defense against cancer. One of the types of cells that are thymus produces T cells whose function is to identify abnormal cells and destroy them.
Taoist traditions say that the man authorities when smiling, release secretions like honey to nourish the whole body. When, however, angry, scared or stressed, they produce toxic secretions that block the channels of energy, and nagomilavaju─çi in bodies leads to loss of appetite, indigestion, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, insomnia, and negative emotions. Referring smile to their bodies, the man maketh them wider, becoming softer and wetter and therefore more efficient. As a result, the liver, for example, has more room to store nutrients and neutralizing toxic substances. When a person is under stress, overcome with strong emotions, or lead a life of anger or fear, his organs become blocked, and the level of his ability to function decreases.

Sources of energy in the body: a smile for everyone
The main sources of energy are hearing their kidneys and attached body - the bladder. When they work well, people are chilly and able to learn more. The kidneys are connected to the ear openings.Hearing is very important in learning. When the kidneys are strong, hearing acuity is higher, thus increasing the ability to learn. Bladder helps eliminate the toxic liquid, which enables the blood to be cleaner and more fluid in the body circulate more easily. If the bladder is damaged, it will affect the function of the kidneys.
The main sources of speech are the heart and its associated organ, the small intestine. The heart provides the impetus and what is the place of joy. The heart is also the seat of respect and honesty.Language is related to the heart, and when that connection is made, one can begin to accept and allocate your memory in small sections, assimilating the order in which you learn. The small intestine help in assimilating the information received. When there is a problem with the small intestine, it is reflected in the functioning of the heart.
The main sources of visual energy as liver, and associated organ, gallbladder. When the liver is functioning well, the man is confident, determined and able to integrate things. Opening their eyes to the liver. When the liver is weak or sick, or a man angry and stressed out, it will not be able to make decisions, and less to see. Also, it will be hard to see what you bring to mind, and integrate. On the other hand, healthy bile to help him make decisions easier.
The main energy source of pregnancy and fertility are the spleen and stomach. Spleen gives a good sense of belonging. It is an opening for the mouth and is connected with the power of speech, his voice is metabolizing what one learns. The stomach is connected to the spleen - when it is in good condition, a person is more receptive to new thinking, new ideas and avenues. Once you accept them as their own, the more they want to learn new things, and there will more economical ways to solve life's challenges.
The main sources of energy and kinesthetic senses energy as lung and colon. Lungs are associated with good aspirations, opens its nose and skin. They are involved in kinesthetic sense, sense of skin and sense of touch and feel, which increases awareness of the environment. The colon is involved in a process of elimination and release, and appears to be more open minded man, physically and mentally. However, when one has constipation, it is literally more closed - not open to new ideas and is not ready for change.
Adrenal gland gives man vitality and energy of hot and energizes the kidneys. The thyroid gland helps to increase one's ability to express their opinions and experiences. Thymus, ie. the thymus gland, the seat of power and helps to strengthen the immune system: it produces energy in the form of enthusiasm. Sex organs are the seat of power of creative power. When people have little sexual energy, less creative and stick to the old and inefficient ways. The spine is the center of control and communication.
Laughter is the most powerful energy personal power. The true inner smile promotes human organs to develop their own power. When a person is calm and relaxed, and when you smile, your life can be maintained, the original energy is at its peak and when to increase energy levels, spontaneous increase an individual's strengths and skills.
Therefore, you smile - first in, to their bodies, and will then transfer it to the outside. Remember the joyous moment of my life and feel the smile in his eyes. And then it slowly, consciousness transfer from the eyes to other parts of the body, gradually: first the face and head and neck, chest ... and so the feet, bathed in a smile every body, spine, glands, station ... until you feel that you have become a big, endless smile ....

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