Saturday, December 8, 2012

All that we were not taught in school

How many years of life spent over books, memorizing useless mountain of data and have learned some basic lessons that help you in everyday life

Remember when you are in high school or college exam should know some information that you have forgotten in a flash after you pass the exam? But when you know you have been taught that this is information that you will ever need in life, but, well, your professor is required to know him, and you, like hundreds of others to meet this form.

Although, a lot of things that are taught in school, whether primary, secondary or were in college, it really is some background practical application, sometimes it seems that teachers deliberately avoided talking and give answers on real issues and things that you really need in everyday life .

Life experience and wisdom of older times and may be penetrated by young hotheads, should be transferred to the proper way, but it is unfortunately rare case. Most importantly, the professors teaching of empty facts and data, often without an understanding with only one purpose, and that is satisfying form. The real lessons of life, unfortunately, we all had to learn by yourself.

And, maybe at least some of us, it was easier, they told us that some of these tips ...

Always be honest with yourself

Maybe you can fool other people, but you can not deceive and lie to yourself. Be honest with yourself when it comes to your character, behavior, your personality, good and bad habits. The most important thing is for you to be aware that you are, you try to change their flaws or turn them into advantages. If you're not honest with yourself, you can not be honest or to others. Nobody in our school has given this lesson.

Ratings and awards are not always the most important

It has long been known that Albert Einstein had in elementary school grade two (2) mathematics, and later became one of the greatest physicists of all time, and for that he is very much needed and mathematics. Also, we believe that each generation, whether in primary or secondary school, there are several individuals who have never expressed in learning, or had particularly good grades, but they managed to make life great business results.

The fact is that good grades, including special awards for specific achievements, open some doors in terms of education, but grades are not everything a person needs to succeed in the business world.Needed social skills, high levels of emotional intelligence, luck, hard work and at the end the desire for success. It's our school no one has ever said.

Find a career or job that you love and want to work

If your parents are doctors or lawyers, does not mean that you have to go to their job. Find yourself in an area that interests you, and do not be placed on the path to success. We all know that the job is well paid, does not necessarily pleasure. In fact, most of my adult life we ​​spend on this "damn" job and if we are going to hate him, then what of all that we can get, except for high blood pressure, ulcers, and episodes of depression and lethargy. Many of us work jobs that do not want to work. That we wish someone at school told us to be persistent in achieving your dreams and desires.

Sometimes it's a good turn out - stupid

How many times you were afraid ask a question because you're afraid you'll sound stupid? We believe that you have also heard many times that there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.Unfortunately, the school may not always seem that way, because students are often due to the nature of professors dare not ask questions, because they are afraid of what the answer or get worse you will be ridiculed or punished for questions.

Do not spend more than you have

As in mathematical equations or you can add or remove a member who does not exist, so even in daily life you can not spend more than you have. Of course, apparently you can, but all your debts will someday come due. Would not it be nice if someone else is us when we were in school instilled in our little heads that we should never spend more than we have and that we all borrow from the bank, will have to pay high interest rates? That would be a very beautiful and practical advice for the future.

Nothing shall be served on a platter

Maybe not right that children are "broken" dreams, but it is wrong for children to live in the illusion that easy, as is the case in American films, acquire wealth and fame ... Beautiful houses, fast cars, airplanes and luxury are acquired through hard work and dedication, not a magic wand. Would not it be nice if they told us in school how hard is that? Perhaps it would be more ready to present life ...

Always expect - the unexpected

Maybe they had a flash tests are a certain amount of surprise, and given a dose of fear and anxiety, and even stress, but no one told us that we have a lot of life through life flash tests that we have to overcome. No one told us that our lives will have many ups and downs, that we would always be nice and that life consists of moments when we will be something unexpected happens and what we will disrupt the current way of life.

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