Saturday, December 22, 2012

Careful with the abandoned men

Most men who are left, go through a lengthy process of recovery which frequently feeling the rage, anger, loneliness, and even sadness or guilt.

Women in these situations can cry on my shoulder best friends, while men to suppress in himself. In order to get over long-term relationship, you need six months to two years, so they say psychiatrists and psychologists.

Men at this stage need other women, but often just to get over the previous relationship. That's why many experts suggest that it is best not to tie up with a guy who runs this phase. If people want to get close to him, then try to be just friends.

But if you decide to stay with a man who "burned" him, then leave enough room for other things, friends, work, sports, because the only way to heal the wounds faster.

Here are some answers that will help you evaluate whether male left ready for your love:

How long did his last relationship?

- If the connection is between five to ten years, full recovery takes from six months to two years.

How long living apart?

- If I was a month ago, do not keep in touch, because he is not yet ready. If it is a girl / woman left a year ago, you can try.

How stable is his job?

- If his position is insecure or left without a job, be extremely careful. Two losses at once, as a sign of alarm.

Behaving normally?

- If you drink a lot, not sleeping, canceled meetings, think again. What would you like?

How does his home?

- If his house is always a mess, it could be a sign that his life and such.

How to behave towards their children?

- A man who does not care for children and do not see them regularly, rest assured, they will not even take care of your needs.

Is he still connected with former girlfriend / wife?

- If you find a reason to go to the former home, as well as working on the computer or something, he obviously has not completely cleared himself.

Tells you that you are the same as his last love?

- If so, he obviously just looking for a replacement, because it is not yet ready to recognize and deal with the loss of a loved one.

Is bitterness, angry and wants revenge?

- If so, he tended to his wounds, and when you least expect it, your bitterness can take it out on you.

How close Divorce?

- If the divorce is not yet running, and he does not show too much desire to be associated with you, is a sign that it's still wrapped up the old connection. It would be good to keep a distance, it might be easier decision.

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