Saturday, December 8, 2012

Comparison with others is not healthy

All around us people are often compared with other people. Sentences like "I should / could be like by his father / mother", "You can win, others are not as good as you" or "You must be the best in class," etc., we have become as saying. There are many, why should we throw out that kind of thinking, and continue to compare ourselves only with ourselves. Check out some of these reasons.

First The first reason to avoid comparing yourself to other people is that there will always be someone better than you. It does not matter in which aspect, but it's still true. So you may feel subordinate in relation to the other, and all for no reason. For example, you can be fabulous and the best architect of his generation, and it can make you feel incredibly good, but if one day someone is better than you, you will begin to feel sad, but you're still amazing architect as before.

Second Another reason why there should be such a comparison is that you will always find someone who is worse than you, but in contrast to the first reason, it can make you feel better than others, and this feeling can turn into an ugly pride. For example, if you are the second best student in her class, and one of the best student leaves school, then you will be the best, even though you're still as good as you were before.

3rd The first two lead to the third reason, and that is if you want to be better than others, you do not need to improve yourself, but it is enough that other people around you look worse. For example, if one wants to be the leader of a group, and you are now the leader of the group, all you need someone else to do this is to make you look bad, so he can take over the role. And then this one will be better than you.

4th The fourth reason is that the one who compares himself with other people in this way begins to condemn other people, we can not possibly help to improve as human beings. No one knows the inner reality of others, no one knows anyone's story, and nobody's largest deep intentions, and when we begin to judge other people, the harder it is to accept other people.

5th Last, but most important reason to avoid comparisons with others is that when we do, we might be tempted to copy someone, do the same things, and think like them. The problem with this is that if someone copy me, we will never know who we are and what we really want, then we'll never develop spiritually.

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