Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do opposites attract?

Ways folk wisdom
Folk wisdom based on experience and research has only confirmed. Let's look at a short sentence: "Opposites attract." All this indicates that the links between partners of different characteristics associated with the individual's need to find a partner. In short, the continuation of the species!

Each of us carries something that might be called "the perfect image of man", and what it lacks in other people it is a desirable and worthy of love.

In that nature plays an important role

It seems that nature, ever newer pairing opposing traits and important structures, seeks to prevent increased polarization and neudruživost during further development of hereditary traits. In this way, a possible new association constant, because as a result always comes a new mix of different characteristics and requirements. This leads to a situation in which the type of relieving tension and polarization, but it suffers from a partnership and individually, in the form of increased tension, it must pay for its share price.

In fact, the search for better half means looking for different halves, and one that complements it.

It used to be different

Sometimes in partnership contrast concentration was significantly lower due to the fact that one class society to be broken down into even smaller regulated units, and the people got married within the same social group. One married woman with equals and thus avoid possible conflicts. As society has become more mixed, the greater the contrast mnogostranije offer that act as magnetic poles opposed.
Due to the sensitive dreamer togas find cool and thoughtful, babbler found šutljivca, sleepy morning person, while the social loners will find.

Statistics on the side of the assertion that "opposites attract"
Four-fifths of all marriages, according to the principle of "opposites attract", while only one-fifth of the opposite, "same same". At first it fit the filling, but in the long run to dispute and a feeling that he does not understand the other. If the partners, unless contrary, they have in common, then the solution in an attempt to mitigate the problems of conflict. As for the registration of opposition and we can set common features three models:
- Harmonious community
- The opposite of constructive
- The opposite of destructive

It appears that the relationship between the similarities and differences of crucial importance for the quality of the partnership.

Ties, in which many common factors takes place, as evidenced stronger and less conflict. These combined factors are: environmental and social origin, age and school education, profession, hobbies, religion and political beliefs, the acceptance of cohabitation and partnership, of course, acquired or innate qualities of character and temperament. The picture is very simple, which is more common among partners will be more mutual understanding and confirmation. He who seeks finds.Or is it all just happens along? 

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