Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do you have your aura?

Some people with his presence seemed to shed all other people and admired wherever they go. Do they amount to a good looking, high IQ or a quirky sense of humor?
No, it's charisma: the aura of personality that attracts the attention of other people.

Its power is hard to resist and almost impossible to understand, but in previous years, researchers have begun to study the property of this quality and personality: what seems to us a mysterious talent, they expound on some of the scientific basis and explanation.

Recognizing and charisma aspakti

Charisma has three main aspects, claims scientist Ronald Riga professor of psychology at the "Clermont McKenna College".
It's expressiveness (talent for spontaneous participation in discussion and easy expression of feelings), control (the ability to subtly fit in a given society)
and sensitivity or empathy (a gift to listen, understand, and feel other people).

"A lot of charisma stems from the way we communicate. It is your ability to 'catch' the emotions of other people while they express themselves," said Riga.

F that may sound subjective, but scientists have discovered that these three aspects can be measured empirically by observing the broad field of unconscious gestures and expressions that we make in everyday life.

For example, a modest amount of energy that radiates nervous and insecure person who would normally be considered a negative, it is often a sign that someone is excited about the discussions leading and wants to feel that way, and his interlocutor.

When charismatic people enter into communication, his autonomic nervous system becomes irritated - their attention was focused on the person, and those are filled with the energy. The result: quick story.

In fact, a study from 2005. shows that people who talk fast as others perceive charismatic than those who talk lightly of water.

Talk without breaks (except for some "mhm" or "understand") is najharizmaticniji, because it shows that the person is confident and has a sound idea.

Charisma also shines through gestures such as nodding while the other person is saying, maintain eye contact and exchanging smiles. Uzrecice like "of course" and "yes, yes" to indicate that you are interested in talking and also give importance to what you pronounced interlocutor.

Mimicry also improves contact between two people. If you are nodding your head or imitate each other among you will "work through" compassion. Body produce endorphins, natural opiates and so I get the impression that you are engaging in synchronous dance acts.

Are pushing this "mirror neurons", the same ones that encourage imitation baby while in the brain it mimics mother's face.

How to overcome the "synchronized dancing," scientists have developed sociometar, device that detects and measures the charisma to interact with other people.

It is a portable digital devices sized mobile phone, equipped with an infrared sensor and a miniature microphone.

Coffee and conversation follow the pattern of movement of the body, though not record a single word of mouth. Studies that was used sociometar revealed that people who include many unconscious gestures and expressions that researchers associated with charisma, are probably more successful in choosing a job or negotiating a raise.

In other words, not so much matter what you say, but how to say it. If you harimaticna person dealer business plan, you will not know all the details, but you assume that the person is an expert and seems genuinely interested in your opinion. Instinct will tell you that the idea that you present good.

It sounds like what some experts, does not necessarily mean that it is, but researchers agree that this is not an act. Charisma can not be optionally "turn on" or "off". People who really have are authentic.This is a group of skills, and their emotional connection is very difficult to fake.

Attraction of opposites

Since the charisma relies heavily on emotion, control and sensitivity, its magnetic power is amplified when mixed with mystery and irreconcilable opposites. Psychologists say that every person has their own charismatic two sides, at the same time it is also fragile and strong, and the average and unique.Ideal charisma have people who are vulnerable and the Stoics, and brave, and withdrawn, and alchemy charm, irritability and penetrating gaze.

But, even among the famous people such as the president, talk show program manager and director of marketing, charisma is never simple "spells".

"Charismatic person in the crowd amazingly precise recognize a person who needs to be dropped. Diana, Princess of Wales, also had. Could go into the shelters for the poor and that he immediately knew where assistance is most needed. However, a paradox that seems charisma so powerful lies in this: a person who is suffering knows that Princess Diana and need someone who will care about. feedback This is below the magic that is happening, "says Professor of English and drama at the University" Yale "Joseph Roach. Hardly anyone remembers the "Shy Di", a bit dull, shy and withdrawn from the time before it will become "the princess of the people."
Diana knew that no start "exclusive right" to charisma. It should work on a daily basis to review their own limits, in order to extract themselves from the very best.

Only charismatic and courageous people can be transformed like Lady Diana, and become the backbone of light to other people.

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