Saturday, December 8, 2012

Emotional abuse

You've probably at least once faced with an emotional abuser that you systematically trying to humiliate you and create a sense of inferiority. Psychologists say that many do so unknowingly, to justify their own failures and mistakes - it's always easier to criticize others than to start from yourself. Words like - you need this, you have to be like this or that, at your age, but I had it and it just will miraculously succeed, etc.. not at all pleasant, especially if you are focused on the person of a fragile self-esteem.

Sometimes everything comes from good intentions, but the words were wrong and instead formulated a positive effect, achieved the opposite. In addition, we and the media often emotionally abused by pushing us to look complexes, success, material possessions, etc.. How many times we could only see the beautiful Hollywood elite, free from defects in the body, with a perfect life, wealth and fame. But when the cameras are turned off, and the mascot stays behind something tenth.Women often looks unrecognizable without makeup, their wealth is due under the mortgage debt, and because of the fame and pressure from the media, have lost their privacy. Envious?

In an effort to become perfect, to look like their idols, to achieve wealth through lotteries and other games of chance, people actually waste time and promotes their real lives. Instead of thinking about the cities on the basis of a person who is not a friend to you and that you, consciously or unconsciously sabotage rather seek the advice of people that you know your friends are and who will give you constructive criticism. And do not try your life and look to build on the model of someone else. Instead, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are unique and unique person and he does not want to be somebody's backup but only yourself.

Unfortunately, we are often some of the events, actions and disappointment at one time so hurt, that leaves us with the clues and the years after. Here we talk about emotional trauma, which often need to seek professional help. If you have such a problem and you are afraid that you can not solve yourself, do not hesitate to seek psychological help for them to have. And besides, you should try all means to suppress bad experience and less to think about. Leave the past where it belongs and focus solely on the present and future. Your past, you can not influence, you can only learn from it. On the other hand, can affect the future of your current attitudes and practices. Therefore, do not waste time - time is a treasure and should be known to good use. Learn to not delay the time it leaves you time to waste. Instead, immediately or as soon as possible, do the following:

01. Toss and remove from your life everything that reminds you of something or someone, and has a negative impact on you, whether you are angry or grief. There is no point in collecting memories that cause us bad feelings.

02. Read a book about achieving self-confidence. In your library certainly has a different title on the subject, and we recommend the book by British psychologist Sarah Litvinoff - Plan of confidence.

03. Think and write you in a paper or in a Word document that you want to accomplish anything in life. When this is run solely on their own desires, not compare yourself with others. Clearly define what you want and take small steps to achieve your desires. Do not let others make you out of the bars or you create a sense of doubt in their own abilities. With such people the best stop contact.

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