Saturday, December 8, 2012

Guide for the quiet life

Tranquility is what we all aspire to, but when anxiety occurs, it is hard to get back on track. We have chosen for you a few tips that will help you turn your back stress ...

Today is tomorrow why the things I worried about yesterday, and if anything bad happens, all that happens, I wasted day yesterday because of something I could not change that. Live in the present. In the end everything will turn out well.

Soothing Silence

One of the biggest sources of stress is lack of time. However, ten minutes, you can always find it. So try to book for meditation. It takes you on the quickest way leads to a higher level of understanding and then stress and no great significance because of the peace that you have achieved. Meditation techniques stress converters in the power of heaven. Another important way of relieving stress are animals. Little so we can lift your mood after an exhausting day as enthusiastic greeting pet. Animals have a positive effect on mental health, cure loneliness and stress, and their behavior, teach us how to observe and listen to the environment. Although annoying barking dogs or cats destructive scratching can create tension in the house, along with dressage defects disappear, and remain positive psychological effects.

Enjoy in the crowd

It's not easy to remain calm in the boiling peak traffic, regardless of whether you are a driver or passenger. Try to make the most of the time in the column for the exercise of patience and understanding for others. Breathe slowly and deeply and follow your breath. If you can stay relaxed in such a crowd, it is stressful situ-ation that you can not overcome.


Relieve stress by negative emotions by writing it off the body. Take pen in hand and write down thoughts and dilemmas that may affect you.

Take advantage of the news

Change the way you experience the bad news to come to you. Do not hide-and of fact. Apathy and nezainte-resovanost can cause just as much damage, stress and depression. Rather than give up on everything, make the news in order to find a solution of the problem. Find the right way to get involved and help those who suffer.

Walk softly

When we are under stress, walk hard, pounding at every turn. Imagine that you are walking on a lotus flower, gentle and soft. That way you will shut out the world and in no time found in a quiet and pleasant place.


Instead of performing several tasks simultaneously, at a certain time to devote to a business or a person. When you master the lightness of spirit and focus the attention, stress makes it easier to control.

Love with all my heart

Orgasm is achieved by excessive release of bioenergy, plus the emotional "release", as well as the inevitable negative consequences of blocking sexual energy (Wilhelm Reich). Tenderness that crossroads by newer partners before, during and after the relationship, as well as close contact, skin contact, help maintain high levels of oxytocin and relaxing effect of physical love. Relaxation is the result of sexual intercourse, which completely eliminate the daily stress level. However, the beneficial effect only in unity with positive emotional states. Love is an anti-stress. Enjoyment and relaxation at the same time. Especially if you are breathing together.

Say yes to change

Many women successfully cope with the hormonal changes caused by the menstrual cycle until it happens a disturbing stressful situations that disrupt their delicate balance. Many women seek medical and psychological help because of symptoms caused by PMS. When the stress at some time in their life, reduce, help to stop them will be needed. Stress can exacerbate hot flashes in menopausal and hinder further hormonal treatment. Of the changes such as the introduction of lifestyle and activity-loess or devoting more time to themselves exclusively, can reduce stress and all its consequences.

Nutrition to health

Stress is a biological response to the situation in which the pressure becomes so strong that our body with it can no longer cope. It is important to note that the first warning signs to act before the stress gets out of control. Many people are under stress, which is largely the result of being too busy, getting eczema and eczema. The solution is in the eating. Eat regularly because stress affects your blood sugar. Three meals a day, of which each consist of a minimum of 40 percent protein, unsweetened and snacks, will blood sugar stable, and you replenish energy.

Music to my ears

Music reduces stress and depression, and promote relaxation and sleep. Quick rhythms mind wide awake, make it faster and cautious. Slow music soothes and relaxes the mind. It also stimulates the nervous system to slow down breathing and heart rate. Classical music has many benefits for more harmonious connection of instruments and because it does not irritate the eardrum. Helps digestion because it reduces the level of stress hormones, and essential ingredients in the food are better absorbed. Do not forget to stimulate your brain by listening to any kind of music.


Place your love and friendship in the first place. Ugovarajte meetings and meetings of such contracts the appointment with the doctor: with responsibility and respect. The closeness with loved ones can improve heart function, promote the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, the key to rapprochement and a sense of trust. His involvement reduces fear and helps prevent medical problems caused by loneliness.


One of the quickest and most effective ways of removing tension is proper breathing. Techniques such as pranayama, it is recommended to be performed twice a day. They are very effective as a quick and positive impact on the nervous system, decreases cardiac pressure and improve circulation. Certain breathing techniques can help reduce stress.

Breathing is the only one of the basic bodily functions that can be controlled consciously.Consciously breathing deeply with the expansion of the abdomen, for example, can slow the heart rate. The body gets more oxygen, which results in a clearer mind state. After a stressful situation it is recommended to take a deep breath and continue breathing and smooth. With each breath, feel how your belly moves and how to relax the muscles in the abdomen. Try pranayama! Close the right nostril with your right thumb and breathe deeply and slowly to the left, with a pause of several seconds between breaths. Repeat ten times, then switch to the other nostril.

Please take some time to ćutanje.Obratite attention to the inner life and develop faith in intuition ...

Find your mantra

Remember three to five mantras or sayings that will bring you back to life when things go in the wrong direction. For example: "I can do this" or "What does not destroy me will make me stronger."Or imagine a beautiful image that will serve as a refuge in times of stress: the most beautiful view of the beach, the path in the woods that love walking or something else dear to you.

Be thankful

It's hard to be thankful when you are under stress. Please take five minutes a day to praise the for-all of life's gifts. Start with the inhalation and exhalation, which is the source of all life.

Get on the right direction

Make a list of events that you have during the day and those who cheered you seized power. This will help you see which way to proceed.

Start with small things

Do not worry about big changes start with small things. Change, for example, what you eat for breakfast. And this may be the first step on the path that will lead you to a life of what you crave.

A Chinese proverb says: If you have a problem that you just can not solve, then it may no longer your problem.

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