Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happiness must nurture

Happiness cherishes
Happiness, or sadness, usually can not be hidden. As a reflection of the inner state, clearly are visible in our behavior. Although everyone covets much more luck, the reality is that both happiness and sadness and turns that are constantly present in our lives.

A group of psychologists that studies the concept of luck, he concluded that happiness is a momentary feeling or ecstasy, but it's the satisfaction that you feel a long time and that is reflected in our overall attitude, action and mood. Happiness is not strictly conditional and does not depend on circumstances that follow us, but depends on the genetic component, that is, regardless of what happens in our lives, we will be happy to the extent it is "written in our genes."
Psychologist David liken studies the notion of happiness;
Characteristically among people still harbored many misconceptions about the concept of happiness.Thus, the claim that many of the things that people believe that they can make you happy, such as, for example. great wealth, beauty, "might" or position, is not true. Liken believe that happiness is a state in which it can operate, and state that it is possible to develop the. In this regard, it is important to know and to adopt certain habits that are manifest in happy people.
Habits of happy people who liken especially recommended are:

First Employ your mind.
Happy people have an active and creative mind.

Second Think like an optimist.
All happy people are optimistic. Optimism may encourage. Pessimist complains constantly, until the optimist focuses on solving the problem.

3rd Smiling!
Laughter is possible at any time and at any place. Emotions are a mixture of internal feelings and physical responses to these feelings. So, if she smiles, the brain will automatically respond - I will give information on the whole body.

4th Imagine.
It's one of the good ways to "mislead" the brain. You'll feel much better if you meet the positive thoughts, because in this way raises the level of serotonin.

5th Detoksikujte negative thoughts.
Try to turn every negative thought into a positive. Negative thoughts "toksikuju" body and cause changes in the brain in response to various psycho-physical symptoms arise, depression, apathy, and bad mood.

6th Choose society.
There are two groups of people who seem very negative. They are the ones who constantly complain about something to those who constantly criticize you. Free yourself from such people.

7th The Golden Rule!
Remember well, that even after "the worst event", followed by recovery within six months or a year - the state has to change and fix itself.

8th Regularly deal with the "little things."
Key to happiness is to regularly do what you love, and then to focus on psychophysical recreation and relaxation spirit - Allow yourself a favorite "little things of life-sustaining" and creative holiday.

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