Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to become a genius?

Strategies to take advantage of the creative power of your mind and better manage your future. Almost anyone can become a genius if duplicates the strategy known genius. Therefore, if you are not a genius, you can use the same strategies of geniuses known to take advantage of the creative power of your mind and better manage your future, and thus themselves become a genius.

The following 7 tips to stimulate productive thinking, which is easier to reach the ingenious solutions and choices. These tips are common to the thinking styles of creative geniuses in the fields of science, art, and industry throughout history.

First Focus on the positive side of everything, and not on the negative

When you pay too much attention to an issue out of it to create a new one, because it engrossed feed.When thinking about the problem as something bad then you carry around negative vibration that the law of attraction in itself attracts other negative things and circumstances. Therefore, the uniqueness of the genius that not only sees the problem, but the solution, and that is being paid to them. About how much your thoughts with positive things, and how much on the negative, depends which way your life will go - positive or negative. Thoughts are your fuel. They give you energy for everything. Fill the fuel itself bad, bad thoughts, sooner or later will schedule your mechanism.

Second Recognize that every problem simultaneously and opportunities

The Chinese and Japanese script is a pictogram indicating the notion of a crisis, and is composed of two smaller pictograms where one means danger, the other opportunity. In some ancient cultures, scholars have recognized that every problem or crisis carries both risk and opportunity. About how the movie to life's problems depends whether or not you are geniuses, because the view modes depends whether you will be able to identify the best solution and make the right decision. Anyone who looks at the problem solely as a threat may not have sufficient insight into the core of the problem that it would lead to a solution. But they're geniuses, who in every problematic situation also see an opportunity for a change for the better, so I can see the positive in the situation and try to get away from it the best.

3rd Believing in yourself and your capabilities

Without faith in the possibilities, including his own, no genius could bypass all the obstacles that normally occur on the road to achieve something ingenious. Those beliefs that you or hinder or pushed forward. It is said that where there is a will and a way, but there's an even better one - where there is faith there is the will and ways.

4th Visualize the outcome

Visualization is imagining yourself in the right situation or environment in order to achieve the law of attraction. Visualizing the magnetize and thus attract the object of your visualization. But just visualize not enough to achieve the vision. What are your faith and without strong feelings, it is the realization neminovnije. The natural laws of attraction and gravity to provide you. It's a trick used by all the brilliant minds of the world, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by precision measuring instruments of quantum physics. Therefore, it is scientifically proven that all you can see in your mind and heart that can lead to reality. The trick is to feel, not just see it, hang in there, do not stop with opposite thoughts and feelings such as doubt, fear, greed, prejudice, impatience, criticism, frustration and so on.

5th Create, create, produce

Kroc roads geniuses, and that means moving out of the world reaction to the world of action - be the one who creates and takes, and not one that only responds to the circumstances.

6th To develop intuition

Intuition is the language of the soul, and your soul speaks to you only when you let it - when Suborder physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually one. Develop intuition to feed the soul.Food for the soul to be all that touches the soul: creative, going to a spiritual place like a church or temple, inspiring artwork, easygoing nature walks, watching the beautiful scenery, going to the theater, listening to Christian music and sounds of nature, singing , dancing, watching inspirational films, chat with the person you are on the same wavelength, swimming with dolphins, laughter, poetry readings and other spiritual and literature, meditation, prayer ... When you spend time feeding your soul opens the channel for intuition, giving you access to various solutions and make informed decisions. Intuition can recognize right from wrong. Instead of waiting for others to confirm or advice, rely solely on their own intuition, no matter what.

7th Action - Act

You can not believe at will, positive thinking and feeling, but unless we do something then you all for naught. Undertaking is what separates the dreamers of genius. Therefore, do something every day that you stand out from other approaches and dreams. The road to genius begins with the first step, then another, and all the others. But it's not all work and all action fruitful lucrative, but often you are just a step to the goal, and only the most persistent become geniuses. Therefore, the three magic words that every genius knows very well the "never give up". There will be those who will tell you everything against your brilliant idea, and it will be those who will put stumbling blocks in your way, and you if you're smart or clever than these stones build his palace.

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