Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to become lucky?

Good luck is something that can be cultivated with a little practice.

For many of us, happiness is something like hearing the singing - it seems that we are or are we born with it or not. But according to Marc Myers, author of "How to create happiness" Happiness is something you can create with just a little practice.

Bring these five tips into your life and become "one of the lucky ones."

First Natjerajte people to think that you're lucky
We all know someone like that magically blessed with good luck - the ease with which it can climb up the business ladder, their guy who looks like Johnny Depp look-alike in his younger days, or something else. However, according to Marc Myers, people feel happier just better at convincing people that they are worthy and deserve opportunities. "For people who seem happy are more likely to attract good luck," says Myers. So if people think you are lucky they will more likely want to help you be even happier. Myers says it all boils down to is that you must accept and adopt the desire to find people happy and determined to show them that their happiness.

Second It lets charismatic humility
Myers, "charismatic humility" is defined as one of the seven characteristics that happy people always have. "If someone has a very open, talkative and loves to be the center of attention, it can often be hard and repulsive to others around that person." Says Myers. The charismatic humility refer to it to get rid of their inner egoist and regards itself as equally important as anyone else around him, and a greater value. Combining self-confidence and self-effacing charisma to charm the trick that will convince people that you are happy and that is why you deserve more happiness. "Only someone who is doing well in life behaving in this careless manner," says Myers.

3rd Izreklamirajte the
Being happy involves taking what you want without too much effort. To do that, you seem worthy of what you want. "Happy people just know how to control their behavior with the stated intention of attracting opportunity," says Myers. Basically, the point is that "izreklamirate" as a worthy contender - but you should be careful to do this in a subtle. "If the others do as annoying salesman or a braggart, you zaboravti on their luck. Aggressively promoting themselves and boasting a totally undesirable," says Myers.

4th Be curious
People who come to work curious and interested, as opposed to those pundits who act as a magnet for opportunity. "If you look happy, you have to develop curiosity and do not be afraid to say something that you do not know or that you need help," says Myers. Someone who knows everything about everything will attract new opportunities. Myers recommends that you show curiosity when talking to people - ask them interesting questions and when you prizunajte some new and interesting information. But that does not mean that you have to concentrate only on to.Isto so you must show that you are intelligent and capable.

5th Be proactive
No matter how many pairs of lucky talisman or "lucky socks" we, Myers argues that happiness does not rely on fate or coincidence, and that can be achieved by changing our everyday behavior. "You want to adopt these features, which is to believe in them and that you understand how you can be a better person to improve the chances for happiness," he says. The goal is not to deceive innocent people to give you what you want, but to attract good luck accepting new outlook on life.

Marc Meyers reveals in his book about the myths associated with happiness.

Myth 1 - Happiness is just another word for hard work and determination.
In fact, Myers argues that the hard work has nothing to do with luck! Success requires smart moves - it's not like hard work. Work hard failure can mean great chances that you will achieve more than labor intensive. Hard work can mean too narrowly focused and more passive acceptance of hard work. Characteristics of happy people is that they do not necessarily have to work hard.

Myth 2 - You can not affect the happiness ... you just have to let it take its course.
Actually, you do not have all left to chance, but you can take a more active role in your life. Instead of thinking about how can you really get what you want, focus on ways to make it happen. Pay no attention to the "what if" or "it will never happen." Make sure that this actually happens, and you'll eventually achieve. Characteristics of the lucky people to play an active role in their own lives.

Myth 3 - To improve your luck, you need to know the right people.
In fact, Myers says that knowing the right people, only half of "work". You can know all the right people in the world, but if you do not know how to take a chance, you will not achieve your goals.Knowing the right people is one thing to speak out and take the risk of a second. Characteristic of lucky people is to take risks.

Myth 4 - Happiness is just a matter of good timing.
In fact, Myers says that being in the right place at the right time in your control! You can do something to find out where you should be when it encounters opportunity. You can choose to include certain people, activities and places in your life. As you choose wisely and you open, the more likely to experience "good timing."

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