Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to communicate with the bad guys?

With negative people are difficult to handle, and if you're not careful, that relationship can undermine your own positivity.

However, at least to some extent, you can learn how to talk to people like that. Here are some useful tips:

First Avoid them
The first thing you could do when it comes to negative people to avoid them (if you can). If they still lack hope and always have a negative and demeaning remarks, then they probably do not want people in my life.
Second Understand the problem
Often, when we meet negative people, blame themselves for the problem. We think it's our fault they do not like us, or that we have done something that has upset them. If you recap your communication and do not find the error, and if you have always polite and respectful and positive attitude while you are still greeted with negativity, accept that you are wrong and the other person needs to take responsibility for their own negativity.
3rd Ask what's wrong
If you are greeted with a negative attitude, sometimes (more often than not) it can be fixed if you access the right way. So do not judge but politely and calmly ask something like, "Is everything all right?" Or "you seem upset, why".
A person with a negative attitude may actually be happy to have the opportunity to talk about how it feels, and it's usually the fastest way to deal with negativity.
4th Stay positive
Do not let others negativity that drags you down and they themselves become negative. Sometimes you meet people who enjoy it as a negative. It's like a game to them and will enjoy contradict everything you say. Do not let it affect you and themselves become negative.
You and only you are responsible for how you feel. You have the power to choose whether to allow negativity to another person is bad for you. In this respect, you accept that the talks two-way street and you have to solve their need for controlling the direction of the conversation.
5th Be encouraging
It may be that the person who is usually negative in the fact that depression and needs professional help. Propose to her in privacy mode.
6th Be detailed
Negative people often generalize like that "everything is wrong" or "I can not do it anymore." Often they can help reduce their negativity by focusing on the details of the problem, and will be able to see that things are not so black as they at first appeared.
However, do not be offended if your opinion is refused. Choose to take a positive attitude. As I mentioned earlier, you alone are responsible for how you feel.
When you meet with negative people do not have themselves become negative. Stay upright and remember that the details are important to talk to negative people. You can often turn their negativity for a better outcome of talks among all parties concerned.

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