Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to find happiness?

What is it that everyone is looking for? Happiness without sadness. Continued good luck without a hint of sadness. ~ Lester Levenson

Luck is basically our nature.

We rarely find, because we are not in touch with our true nature. Instead, look for happiness where none exists.

The world equates happiness with the fulfillment of desire. However, every goal achieved and achieved the desired ownership matters provides only short-term pleasure.

While we can appreciate what we have and to be grateful for that, however, the satisfaction and pleasure is not the same as happiness.

On the other hand, one can be loved, even adored, but still not be happy. Some people, for example, believed that Elvis Presley was gorgeous. He was handsome, talented and kind. However, he was not happy.

What, then, is happiness?

Everyone longs for happiness, but few know enjoy it. And for those who enjoy it, make it just a little while. Time passes, and what used to be a source of endless enjoyment fades slowly.

The closest way to get to happiness is through love. Loving stimulate happiness.

Happiness arises when we love. It arises because we love it, too, basically our nature.

So, when we love, we are happy, and we are happy because we are what we are, and we express our true nature.

Our true nature is happiness. It is a quality of the soul. In fact, the soul is in its primary aspect of consciousness: the blissful, wise, and powerful beyond all measure.

However, we rarely experience our true nature because we are rarely in contact with the soul, and all because of our limiting thoughts. They overshadow our soul as clouds obscure the sun.

Each person has to discover their soul. This task is done through the practice of spirituality.

As we expand our illusions about the nature of the world and our relation to it, so we become more aware of their own brilliance.

When we give, love, and share it, then touch upon the majesty of our soul. We bring him out into the world. We find him behind the veil of the mind and the show itself.

Those who bark "veneer" of thought, all the layers of the mind, becomes spiritualized.

When the mind is calm then you can do nothing until I endlessly.

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