Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to find the motivation?

When you live a life filled with purpose, it has many advantages and gives meaning to everything you do.

Directs you
Not only can you find your purpose gives meaning to life, but also gives you a clear direction of where to go in life. It helps you make important decisions in life. People who can not find their purpose in life may not have a strong foundation on which they can make their own decisions. Are forced to follow the guidelines and opinions of others.
Motivates you
Life is not a bed full of roses. In life always appear tough times that have to be overcome. You may at times be a failure or refusal. In these circumstances, your purpose in life can motivate you to continue and see over the horizon. Try it for yourself and experience the difference.
Finding your purpose in life, there is a universal formula
Everyone has a different purpose and a different find how to find it. What can be applied to you may not be applied to the other and vice versa.
It takes time
This is probably one of the main reasons why many people never find their purpose in life. They want results immediately. The irony is that the purpose of life can not be found that way. It's more like a journey than a destination.
Identify your strengths
Your purpose in life is associated with your forces. If you are good at writing, for example, it is possible that your purpose connected with writing.
Identify your passions
Your passions are things you do because you love it, not for money or recognition. Try to nurture that passion.
Identify your triggers
Identify triggers that are important to you. Is there any condition in the world that makes you feel unhappy? Is there a condition that forces you to change the situation or to do something about it?
You'll find a reason to what you really care about, and why you can do something with enthusiasm.There lies your purpose.
Write a "personal statement" about the task
Write down the phrase of a sentence that accurately describes what is your life purpose. Do not worry about the first attempt must be good. Simply write down what you have and what is left to do.
Redefine your passions, tasks, motives and forces if they do not work as previous to. You may come up with new sayings from a single sentence that we find new evidence. The refining process can take years, but we are moving in the right direction. You just have to keep your eyes and mind open, to notice each new mark in terms of their power, passion and reason.
That way you live purpose filled life can transform life and give you a magical achievement and fulfillment.

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