Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to heal your body and mind?

Lessons are taught awareness about them

If you're thinking about what you do and how difficult is it to resist, you are confronted with the most important lesson to be learned at this point.

Talk, rejecting the resistance and allow you to learn what you need to learn, will make your next step to change. Do not resist change! We can work on two levels:
1) Dealing with resistance and
2) Continue with mental changes.

Observe yourself, how you perceive resist and just move on.

The procedures that we discover

Our actions often show our resistance.

For example, a sudden change of subject, leaving the room, often running into the toilet, the delay, the feeling that you are ill ...

Delaying changes to:
do something else,
We have too many employees,
wasting time
roam the sea or staring out the window,
leafing through magazines,
refuse to pay attention
eat, drink or smoke,
quickly get into a relationship or break up old
often do damage: in the car, at home or on different devices.

We often assume certain things in order to validate their resistance.
For example, we give the statements such as:
It's not worth trying.
My husband or wife will not understand.
I will have to completely change.
Just go crazy psychiatrist.
They would not be able to help with my problem.
They do not have to get rid of my anger.
My case is different.
I do not want them to bother me.
Will be solved by itself.
No it does not work for others.

Louise L. Hello, how to heal body and mind

The most common categories of resistance is fear - fear of the unknown. Listen to this:
I'm not ready.
I could not succeed.
I could be dismissed.
What will the neighbors think?
Topic is too entangled again I would argue about it.
I'm afraid to tell her husband or wife.
I do not know enough.
I could be hurt.
I would have to be changed.
It might cost me a lot.
Before I died or divorced before.
I do not want anyone to know that I have a problem.
I'm afraid to show their feelings.
I do not want to talk about it.
I do not have the energy.
Who knows where it might end?
You may lose your freedom.
It's too hard.
I do not have enough money for it.
I could get hurt.
I would not be perfect.
I could lose my friends.
Do not trust anyone.
This could bring down my image.
I'm not good enough.

And so on, and on ... Do you recognize any of their resistance? Look for them ...

Louise L. Hello, how to heal body and mind

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