Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to live happily?

Forever to get rid of behaviors that can take over your life
Low self-esteem can affect virtually every aspect of your life - it was about relationships, your job or health.

Even if you have been exposed to negative criticism since childhood, there are ways that you can solve once and for all samokritiziranja and low self-confidence. Change in thinking can do wonders for your confidence, and simple techniques that we propose is easy to implement - all you really need is perseverance and desire for change.

Step 1

Follow the consciousness of your thoughts - or maybe you yourself are not aware of how negative thinking. In this first step, just follow your thoughts throughout the day to be able to conclude whether the majority of your thoughts, positive or negative, and whether they are characterized by fear in any of its form. In particular, keep track of your irrational thoughts that exaggerate the problem and have no foundation in real-life situations.

Step 2

Follow changes in the body - follow closely when your thoughts turn into a negative. Negative thoughts will often triggered by physical or emotional reaction or a change in behavior. Physical reaction may represent muscle spasms, pain in the shoulders and neck vertebrae, rapid heartbeat, stomach problems, sweating or difficulty sleeping.

Emotional reactions include concentration problems, depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt or anxiety.

Changes in behavior include overeating, avoiding tasks, work more than 10 hours a day, excessive desire for seclusion or for society's obsession about, always blaming others for their problems and so on.

Step 3

Identify patterns that repeat for years - there are patterns that show you that you think you have a negative and significant problems with confidence, even though they might not even know it. Here are ways in which you will be able to recognize these patterns:
Thinking in black and white - black and white thinking is a reliable sign that you have a problem with confidence. (If I can not perform this task - just to confirm that I'm a total failure.)
You see only the negative side of a person or situation (task is too difficult and they are all against me, so it certainly will not make it.)
You tend to turn their success into failure (This is what I managed to do, just because it was an easy task).
Bring negative conclusion with little evidence that it supported (eg My friend did not respond to e-mail. Sure he's mad at me.)
Replacing feelings for facts (I feel the fear and certainly something wrong with this job offer.)
We constantly underestimate - sometimes you can even use the samopodcjenjivanju and wit that will make you laugh your colleagues or family members

Step 4

Change your thoughts and beliefs! Once you recognize the negative thinking that limits you to get full capacity of its capabilities - it's time to be slowly solved. Find constructive ways to convert a negative into a positive and once gained confidence.

It takes time and tremendous effort to learn how to avoid disturbing thoughts as thoughts often occur spontaneously or automatically, and can be difficult to control, but there are some strategies that can help:
Izjavljujte positive suggestions - Treat yourself with respect and courtesy in which you can help and positive suggestions (I can do it, I know I can deal with this situation: I'm worth!)
Excuse yourself - every one of us makes mistakes and to err is human. You forgive all the mistakes you made along with the ones you just do it and stop it with a sense of guilt once and for all
I MUST avoid in their statements - rather use opt in to (I choose to go to work instead I have to work). I choose appears your subconscious that you are not a victim of circumstances, but one who manages his own destiny.
Focus on the positive - ask yourself, what have I recently done well? Or what are my positive characteristics that I need to perform this task?
Embrace your negative thoughts - instead of avoiding negative thoughts, I'd rather them aware and ask yourself why am I thinking about this now? Is there a real foundation for this idea?
Encourage and acknowledge that you are on the right track just by thinking about their problems
And finally - Give yourself time. If you adopt the negative patterns of behavior all my life, it is illusory to expect to change them overnight. Take your time, be kind to yourself and reward yourself for each step in this long journey.

Author: Joseph Smith

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