Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to love your life?

How? So it really LIVE!

On the other hand, which is the number one way that people ruin your life? They take it for granted, assuming that there will be plenty of time to fix things, finding the right person, to take the changes to be made and that we would finally be happy .... later.

Think about a time when you have lost someone close. Maybe someone has died, or you suddenly stopped loving relationship or quarreled with a friend and stopped all communication.

Do you know that this will be the last hug, kiss or talk, would you be a little more effort? Would you listen closely, enjoying the sound of their voice? Would you give them a kiss full of emotion, rather than superficial, "in passing" version? Would you tell them "I love you" with every fiber of your being?

We can not know who will give us moments, kisses and talks will be the last with the people we love.And we still ignore this important truth, and we take these people and all situations in which we take for granted.

We postpone them as we rush home from work (or work), because we want to watch television or home to us that this simply does not. Yet another time we'll have more time, right? And if not? We often give priority to things that are not really that important, and even when it's turn to the people we love is often not entirely, with the concentration with which we should, but in half.

We are all just people

And that means that this is our natural state. We are afraid of death, loss and saying goodbye ... So we try not to think about it. We assume that in the future everything will be better, and we will then have time to do these things. We will get better, we'll have more time and energy to our beloved people - later. In order to postpone all at least a little ...

It's just that sometimes you do not have more time. Sometimes tomorrow never comes and life is truly turn upside down in seconds.

You live with a sense of urgency

Choose to be more than "I'm only human" and live with a heightened sense of urgency (and I mean that as you live that you have many things to be done urgently now). And not in the sense that "there are not enough hours in the day" or that you have too many things to do on my to-do list. You probably have, but that's not the point.

My point is that it may be more valuable to live life so that you are constantly aware that one day it might all suddenly come to an end and they are taking something about it. Whether it is a disruption, loss of life or you simply run out of time ... Everything must come to an end. Do you allow you to be one of those people who would later complain that they missed or wasted precious moments in life.On this issue is sure to be a lot better than "ordinary" man.

Try more. If you like intense.

We often throw the "I love you" in a relationship, like we say hello, hello or goodbye. We are doing this in passing, because we feel that we should. Yes, I really love this person ... but if you pause before you say them, and they really feel and SHOW UP? No. We are just an excuse to "lightly" kiss before going to work.

We are not present in those moments. We do not do our best, all the emotions that this person deserves. We do not make love to ourselves that we deserve. And this goes a lot further than the interactions that are bandied about with "I love you" without thinking too much.

Try more. If you like intense. Spend more. Be there. Say "I love you" like it's really, really think.

Create real memories with the people you love

Life is chaotic and all u┼żurbaniji, and sometimes it's really hard to find enough time for the important things. Hanging out with family or friends, anniversaries, birthdays, they at first sight insignificant moments of moving into a new home or first promotion at work ... Or even perhaps less obvious moments when just sitting having coffee with friends or with your man reclining on the couch watching a movie ... We say to ourselves that we would later celebrate, appreciate or later, we believe that simply do not matter. But what will you have when you look back on your life? A lot of missed opportunities to experience life to the full?

Turn your entire life in celebration! We're only here once (unless you believe in reincarnation, but even then it pays to do their best) - and therefore live as if this is the last! Live life to the fullest and do not pronounce the obligation to work or fatigue or something else! Enjoy every moment, learn from the bad moments and cherish those beautiful. I really live the life, and create real memories.

Do not just go to the forest for a picnic. Make an event of it, if not more, then their feelings. Commit to a person you love completely! Business and prospects will already be where you left them when you return, so it is better to leave them behind and really concentrate on your loved ones.

Never, but never really, do not settle for less than what you want or deserve

Even if you are lucky enough to live long, life is short anyway. Time flies. They all say that, and it's really true. Why do not waste on people, businesses, or obligations that you do not deserve? That you do not even want to?

If you want a true, deep, passionate love that will change your life, do not spend a minute or more with someone just because you do not make your own or with which you disagree, and in fact the best and that you do not love wholeheartedly. If you want a job in which you are happy to go every day and you'll be happy to come back home (well maybe not every day, but at least most days) - do not agree to any job, just to be able to pay the bills.

Do not stay with people at work, or just because you feel like it's the best you can get. If you feel that way - you can do better and better at it! You can have an amazing, passionate, meaningful, fun, vivid, lively, exciting and romantic life and much more. All you have to do is stop reconcile with destiny and agree to "compromise."

If you feel a spark of "Ah, well ..." or "This is not enough ..." Now start to run in the opposite direction. Because you could spend years of their lives in the wrong job or the wrong person or the wrong city / state.

We're not saying you have to make huge, decisions that will change your life upside down right this minute ... But things start to change and be yourself ... Be what you really are and live a life that truly deserve.


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