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How to recognize a liar?

Body language and facial expressions that will help you find out if someone is lying

For many people it is not easy to recognize whether somebody is lying or telling the truth though. If you fall into the category of those people a better understanding of body language will help you to recognize the dishonesty and avoidance of the truth. This article will give you basic information about body language and facial expressions that people use to fabricate information.

Before we go into the details of body language, it is important to know that these characteristics relate to normal people, not the person who is lying is the most natural thing in the world - for example, people who suffer from certain psychological disorders such as pathological lying.

What are the signs that someone is lying to you will help you in various situations - in business, in the friendly relations and relationships. All this will help you to realize that the person you can really rely on in any aspect of life.


The first sign that you might notice when a person is lying is a change in attitude or posture. When a person is under stress because of lying, her body stiffened and straightened. This is the most obvious sign of lying - if a person before you set a tricky question jojo relaxed sitting or standing. In short, if you see a change in the attitude and position of the body, it is a clear sign that the person is not comfortable and he's hiding something. There is one thing typical of liars - often people who, while lying completely rule your body. The hand moves very slightly, the face is almost no mime, voice loud and clear. Yet, despite these indications of safety and self-control, we observe a slight squirming, shifting from foot to foot. That is a liar "squirms", trying to overcome the forced kontroliranost body.


Another sign is when the person lying beside restrict body movement and gestures while speaking hands, or if you suddenly start making gestures, and it usually does not. People have the feeling that any hand movements can discover another person to lie, so keep your hands in your pockets or hold them tight to the body or on the table in order to control the movements. In addition, the natural movement of the hands of these people are almost completely stop, because they have to really focus on what they say they would not be given the impression that you are quite sure of himself. But they do not realize that by (controlling the arm), above the relaxed gesticulating and waving, just be really doubt that they lie. This is especially true for people who use hand gestures to explain more clearly what you are saying.

For people who usually do not just hand gestures might happen next - if the gesture more than anything else it means that your subconscious wants us to believe his lies and being stronger gestures trying to convince you.

Eye contact

As with hand gestures, there is a clear link between body language and eyes. It is well known that when people lie to avoid direct eye contact. This is often true, but today the situation has changed somewhat since most people do know, and do the opposite on purpose so as not to be caught in a lie.Today, a person who is lying deliberately to look straight into his eyes, longer than usual, because they know they are avoiding the gaze as she reads lying. Because this person to start something completely innocuous ask, and only later get to the point - if it suits you as a harmless question to look at first wander, and later in a ticklish issue gazes at you - you know that you definitely lying.
Speaking of eyes, and the fact is that liars blink much more - this is a lie because the stress is the same form of stress, no matter how much someone to talk to 'lie without blinking.'


We noticed that a lot of people are trying to limit the movements of the hands, but in most cases they samododirivanje "escape". Thus, the person can not touch his face, scratching your nose, chin or ears. Sometimes people will partially cover his mouth while lying. The sign is lip nervously lickanje, if someone starts to do that means is not entirely sure of his words.


People who lie, if you do not stare at you, will try to avoid such a view to completely turn away from you as you speak. They may turn to the side, pretending to be doing something. If you sit next to them, you might have to get up or even try to go to another room. Another sign of the change lies in smiling. However, this depends from person to person. Some people will stop smiling, while others will start to smile while they lie exaggerated. For this sign you better know the person and observe his or her habits.

Remember one thing - as with everything about body language, never concentrate on just one character. Usually the most accurate lie can be inferred from the many subtle signs, so they pay attention and look, hands, body posture ... It is also important to better know this person and its habits, and you will so much easier to read if you lie colleague or spouse, but if you met someone for the first time, since I do not know what the person normally holds and gestures. Reading body language is a delicate art that requires a lot of attention and patience, but it's definitely worth it for, for so you always have your "ace in the hole."

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