Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to remove what holds us up?

Not so long ago people believed the world was flat. They looked toward the horizon, and it seemed to them that the world is ending somewhere far away and at the end of the world can fall off the edge and die. Therefore, people did not dare to reach out toward the horizon because they were afraid of falling off the edge of the world. And so they stayed where they were.

Their understanding of the world was flat and that has an edge (horizon) prevented them to explore places that were far away from where they were born. That was the limit that they seemed real. In fact, this limit does not really - it was a wrong perception.
Horizon is the edge, it is not the end.
In fact, you can never reach the horizon because it shifts from you as you approach him. Apparent horizon is not the end but is supported in infinity (you can never reach it).
All your limits horizons. Not one obstacle. No exceptions.
Even the "Self" has no restrictions, although it seems trapped within the body. In fact, if the "self" a reality or just a sense of understanding? Buddha stated that the "self" feeling is often incorrectly considered identity (or sense of estate). Either way, it's a different issue. Getting back to the limit ...
Any restriction that you seem real, be it financial, biological, emotional or any other horizon. For example, you might think you're something you can not afford it and so you're still denying it and you do not ever buy it. It is the belief in the horizons. I believe you have limited funds, and that if you spend money on these things, suffer the consequences or death or whatever. But, if you just buy it you will realize that you really can not afford it, and since you have now created a new space in your finances you will quickly fill that space with new money (as long as you do not believe that you are limited with something). That's the difference between those who have meager understanding or belief (the poor) and those who believe in abundance.
What is the solution limits?
The solution comes in two steps:
Step 1: Change your perspective.
As long as you think the world was flat and the horizon that marks the end of the world from which you can drop all your other beliefs and actions will be wrong. You must learn to see the world in a new way, to realize that the horizon is an illusion. If you skip this step and jump to the second step, you can get burned because you can have plenty until you believe in scarcity. Your beliefs are still manifest. Thought is stronger than the action in creation.
Step 2: Please act in accordance with abundance.
In the previous example we saw that the one who believes in abundance means that the limited amount of money in your pocket just a transition period, it is like a river that flows and is never completely restricted. But he who believes in scarcity is truly convinced that there really limit and will not dare to cross it. So you mean to behave in accordance with abundance? This means that you will travel beyond the horizon. Will move towards the horizon and go forward, knowing that you will never reach the horizon. Please note that all resources are circular in nature and that the more you spend the more you earn the more you earn the more you spend. Support the flow of the river. Do not build a dam and do not try to keep her. Stay in the flow. Spread your arms wide, giving hand and arm receiving. Making them faster alternates (to and from) the better.
Horizons is a state of mind. Poverty is a state of mind. Wealth is a state of mind. Happiness is a state of mind. Depression is a state of mind. Health is a state of mind. Illness is a state of mind. It's all a state of mind with its attendant emotions. The secret is that the mind is endless, so have no real restrictions except those that accept real. All this is just the horizon, and no matter how you run the horizon will never fall off the edge of the world. Run for it!

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