Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to restore the former?

Not all is bad, love can be restored.
There was a misunderstanding, you want it back, you can argue and say the thought of all those bad words. There are many reasons why you want to restore an old love. Once you've cleared your head cool and realize that he is the one who actually fits you. So what to do?

There are mistakes that women make up immediately after the break. Here's what you must do.

Do not call him immediately after the break, although you have to be honest. Love is a game and should be a bit tactics, not stifle it. It is wrong to say over how you are going to die without it. That gives the impression of a desperate woman with whom neither you yourself would not be, so how could he? If you speak to your ex makes a big mistake and start additional argument, that's not a solution for re-idyll.

Tips to regain

Although any particular love, there are basic rules of conduct that apply to attempts to recapture.

First Be attractive. Worry about the layout and I can not forsake you.

Second Make a plan to do when you step and what to say.

3rd Plan ahead to a situation where it could happen on that you would not look confused. For example. If you see him with another girl?

4th Consider the causes of disruption and realistically evaluate whether the connection is saved.

5th When the time comes, tell me honestly that you would want to try again, but without affectation, and despair.

After these steps are beautiful because you are not neglected, you know where you are and at the end you were honest. If anything fails, it is better to withdraw with dignity and look for someone else.

Perhaps that's because you have not stayed with him have a chance for a new acquaintance and the prince on his white horse. The former will remain a story that you will occasionally recount in conversations with a friend, and you'll make the next step.

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