Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to smart fighting?

If a fight but you can not avoid - how calmly and wisely to fight for what you want?

Nobody likes a fight, especially in the case of disagreements with loved ones and loved ones, but sometimes they are inevitable, and can be useful, as strange as it may sound. No matter who we're fighting, we must keep in mind some very important things.

Since we plan to fight sometimes, and sometimes it goes on its own in the beginning it is important to always know a few facts

Discuss - but with yourself to begin with. Collect all the information and find the key phrase with which the person with whom we're fighting to explain why and how we came to the conclusion that we are the right.

Arguments - If you are planning a really quarrel with someone who listens to itself, not you. Select all the aces that you have preset. Ask the person to listen to you and bring all the arguments.Argumentative bully is always the best option because you have to when and what to defend.Furthermore, it is said that attack is the best defense, but do not practice it. If you notice the other person, just stay away because doing so will only go feud ugly tone.

Choose words - Please, forgive, here are just some of the magic words that can soothe a fight.Regardless of whether you're guilty or not, every word you say can have a big impact. Before you say anything, and then think ahead. Selected choice of words helps a lot more than that to say something or do not think you should not say finally complained. But again, do not be too apologize to the opposing party would not get the impression that you are weak and their arguments can be used against you. Stay within the limits and in any case, first consider.

Stay calm - the person you are discussing the most out of line if you are calm and not a tone. So you will be able to hear themselves and the more they will listen to you than the opposite side. In fact, it's hard to keep quiet tone when someone raises blood pressure, but it really is proven the best option that you can handle. As soon as the other person sees that you are reasonable, it can totally talk calmly and steadily at the start of you who have already won.

Suggest another time - you had a hard day at work, what you bunch of obligations, and would not you know where the schedule. In this case, it is best to calm both of them first and postpone the discussion for a while. In 90% of cases, the situation is completely down and finally make peace and without having to argue about anything. If it is something important, it is also wise to sit tight and postpone it because after some sleep, and rest the debate will be much more sensible and easier solvable no matter what the situation was.

Offer an alternative - If there is a dispute about what kind of love in which you do not agree with some unwritten rules, always try to find a compromise. Something with which you agree, and both of them are observed. Do not agree to anything, but both of them put forth ideas, thoughts and basically everything as soon as you can to solve the problem. Eventually you will somehow come to the conclusion that it can, and it would be fine. If you can not find anything that you meet each other, leave you some time to think about both.

Remain calm, poised, with arguments and peaceful tone is the best defense against the aggressive party. Do not let nobody hurt, or trying to verbally hurt. If you find that the other person is nervous and has no chance to explain his side of the story, rather than just go to waste time on something that is really no way out.

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