Saturday, December 8, 2012

Laughter is a test of the soul

To laugh is primarily needed honesty and sincerity is there in humans? To laugh is needed , and people are usually not malicious. Honest and benevolent smile means cheerfulness, and has the right people in the present time of gaiety and if people know how to be happy?Cheerfulness is the man most notable trait of his, which gives him the most. One character long you can not meet, but as soon as the man at least once laughed quite frankly, you get the whole of his character immediately in sight.

Only a man of very high and very happy development skills to be happy and to infect others, it is irresistibly good-natured and cheerful. I'm not talking about his mental development, but the character of the whole man. That way, if you want to see through people and get to know his soul, do not watch the silent or speak, or crying, or even how excited noble ideas, but rather to look at how she smiles. If I may, you know that this is a good man.

Because I well know that laughter is the most reliable test of the soul. Look at the child: only children know how to have a good laugh and to perfection and are therefore attractive.


Enjoy the company of its own
If you work on yourself, choose life coaching, this method will help you to get exactly the answers yourself.

His questions, the coach encourages you to find your own solutions, and then encourages you to modify active approach to perceptions of the world around you, but your actions, so you can start to get different results.

For those of you who are afraid of intimacy, in order to build a positive self-image, it is important not to try to win another false degree of confidence. Not seeking confirmation of its value in others, you will learn to meet the expectations that are realistic, and you will accept other with their shortcomings. You will enjoy the company of their own, so there's no attempt to meet some (ideal) will not be necessary. It would be good to practice the following skills:

First Live in the present moment
Do not abandon the fantasy and the romantic fantasy of the future, but enjoy what's here and now.Skills to be present in the present moment in a way that teaches everything seems to full consciousness. Remove it from the "automatic pilot", time is the present. Eckhart Tolle read the book "The Power of Now." Exercise to live in the present moment.

Second Keep your intimate part of yourself
Intimacy and closeness to build up gradually. To build familiarity with a person it takes time. Our intimate thoughts are not for everyone. When you meet someone, you need to control your own without hesitation say everything about yourself (including details of which should be known only to those with whom you are truly intimate). Keep something for yourself even in the closest relationships. Learn the importance of choice of topics for the people with whom you have never built a closeness. Exchange levels of similarity is equally important: as much as you can trust, confide them yourself. People who give too much too quickly, is seen by many as too demanding.

Forgive yourself
3rd Listen more - talk less
Listening is more important than talking. Not only will you learn the more you will also prevent your need to impress others with their knowledge, experiences, opinions. Confirm that you are looking for in this way, it can be a sign of your insecurity. Try to keep secret at least two or three instinctive need to say something as a comment, remark, story idea. To each their own idea / story ask people in the society for what they say. I listen to them carefully.

4th Not always be available - Respect yourself
Try not to be always available to each. Set healthy boundaries. I do not expect the other to always be at his heels. Persecutors attract those who are fleeing from them, and you are not interested in such a relationship. And the source of your stress. Strive for peace.

5th Spend some time alone
Plan a few nights / days a week that you will spend without company (friends or partners). Then doing something you love, what truly enjoy. Read, relax with a glass of red wine, a hot bath, a walk, anything that you rejoice. Enjoy the process. Do not skip lunch just because you are alone. Live as if you are living with a partner. Shape up, save the house, cook a favorite meal. And do what they otherwise would not do. Maybe it's going to the movies or a restaurant, no society, solo. After leaving the safety of their territory'll present themselves to you and you will learn to enjoy your own company.

6th Be your own best friend
Be your own best friend means doing what you enjoy and rejoice in our own society. If you pursue inner critic (the inner voice that criticizes you, telling you how something with you is wrong), be reconciled to him by his rival positive thoughts about yourself. Reward yourself for successes and failures excuse. Use affirmations to reinforce your positive self-image.

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