Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life is what happens to you while you're making plans for life

One famous ... wisdom says: Life is what happens to you while you're making plans for life.

Are you going to often looking out the window, to watch this apathetic view of how raindrops spilling the glass and think that the world is an endlessly boring place to live?

You wake up in the morning and secretly provirujeŇ° out the window, hoping that the sun will shine that day finally vaster than usual.

And that just dazzles and its rays, and even you seem to be making fun of you.
Too bad, you say. Because obviously that is not the day does not differ much from the previous one.

And you continue to wait ... To pass that day, and this week, this month, this year ...

Until suddenly you feel that your life goes down the drain, and you're still standing there and waiting for the right moment to start to enjoy it and to live out fully.

I get it, so seamlessly, somehow unconsciously, as a habit of standing by and waiting to get through, which gives you a sense of endless frustration and fatigue.

You wonder, when will finally begin your 'real life'? They are wonderful, unforgettable moments, that was worth all the tears and swallow the insults, all of the accumulated bitterness and then confidently look forward to.

As you've already forgotten the original goal and simply wait. By habit. Are you waiting for 'something'. Forgetting that what you really want and what really matters to you.

You will not be able to understand that, while waiting for something to happen 'big, interesting, important,' you actually miss the real beauty around you! 're Missing the point!

You miss the little things, that you meet the day. While standing by and expect something big to happen, he would be happy: you're missing, smiles and glances, missing the sunrise and sunset, you're missing the love and emotion ...

You're missing the present striving not wait future. You're missing the 'Today', because you hope to start living 'Tomorrow'.

While looking through the window and watch this view of how raindrops poured out the window, while standing there bemused, apathetically waiting to flashing sunlight, the clock continues living quietly but inexorably to count your lost minutes.

Slowly, but consistently and irreversibly transforming your life fades into the past. Your past. And that does not feel that it could happen one day, you'll identify with the horror that your life is over, and you have not even had time to enjoy it.

Therefore, do not wait for that day to come, creating a different day. Stop the rain, clouds and rastjeraj make its own sun. Stop waiting. Do something with your life. Be the architect of his own fortune. Do not wait for happiness to come and get you. Familiarise yourself with the clock of life.Take it confidently in your hands and become a master of your life. Living Life! Live it now! Live it now! Live it right now!

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