Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life Laws

Become a necessary world and mankind will give you bread.
Happiness comes from spiritual, not material wealth.
The consequences reflect the nature of your thoughts.

Progress requires change.
Fortune knocks at the door ready prepared.
A good voice is more valuable than money.
To err is human, to forgive divine.
Do not make something that will have to be punished.
-When we hurt someone deeply, recovering
only when goodbye.
Who has ˝ ˝ why why live, can be worn with almost any how ˝ ˝.
-All that we are is the result of what we think.
When a word-let me slip away, the more you can not recall.
The inverted-life evil means.
-Love is the most sophisticated force in the world.
For rule-rage leads to negative consequences.
-The opportunities are rare, and a wise man will not miss any of them.
-Remember, without your consent, none of you can cause a feeling of less
-Do not let tactless word, a rebuttal or reject the whole congestion
Who wants to make sure others already well provided for their own good.
-Material progress is impossible without undertaking.
-If there is no dull and determined work, there will be no great results.
-We get what we deserve you the ability to build income.
-Fortune favors the bold.
-When the usrećuješ Secondly, it becomes their burden lighter.
-Expect the best and your positive attitude will open the doors of opportunity.
A man without temperance is like a barrel without the shackles and the drop is falling apart.
-A wise man zagledava in your own heart, and there find everlasting peace.
-The world is welcoming the benevolent people.
-Man's thoughts are like a boomerang.
-Self-monitoring leads to success.
No-life project will never achieve order.
Life-without a plan is likely to turn into a big driftwood.
-Failure is only the opportunity for a new, intelligent start.
-On the road to success do you find you're that failure is just a brief aberration.
-Expression of gratitude leads to giving and forgiving, and to spiritual development.
-There is no obstacle that enough love will prevail.
-Love means to love that which is not possible to love, otherwise it is not
Endless-everpresent love
all is love, and there are no errors anywhere, no sin, no sickness or death.
-Self rule and suppressed passion that is more valuable because so few people know
how to achieve it.
-I bring myself and others suffering the same injury and you accept when you
someone hurt.
-Insult or remains or disappears, not because of the attitude of one who offends, but
thanks to the attitude of one who listens.
-The longer you dwell on his own misfortune, that we give her more power
that can harm us.
-There is little sense of bitter acrimony.
Man's own poison damage a lot more than his victim.
-Those who can not feel the small nature of the great things in themselves are prone to overlook
size of little things in others.
-It seems the little things right now, so big things will arrive one after another
to solve them.
-Fret over what you do not mean foolishly spend what you have.
-Examine what is said, not him who speaks.
-Little things mean a lot.
-It's amazing what all
strength, purity, and wisdom of a man needed to be defended from falsity.
-And the little that brings harmony is better than abundance that brings division.
-Be honest with yourself in order not to be false to others.
-S lies in the world can make progress but you can never go back.
The answer to your prayers may be ˝ to ˝, ˝ and ˝ no such alternatives ˝ and ˝.
-Prayer begins where human capacity ends.
-So many religions, so many paths that lead to a common goal.
-When you rule your mind, you rule and its
-Where there is no people cast off restraint.
-There is no wind to be sympathetic to him who does not know where to sail.
-On a sheet of paper write your life
goal. Once this is written in black and white, but somewhere we can
-Few people know how to determine the target, let alone even write it down. Good luck
You will not find a goal until it becomes clear and accessible terms.
-Love is patient enough to withstand
defects that can not be cured.
-A coward is incapable to express love, it is the prerogative of the brave.
-Love is more than justice.
- What you can not love, simply ignored. Is that real friendship?
-Whenever we stay silent instead
reciprocate harsh words, whenever we show patience with other people's mistakes,
express a little love and kindness; contribute to gathering these forms
bring peace to the world.
-Love, which is the very essence of God, there is no
because of the ease and instability, but because of man's total value.
-He drew a circle that I stayed on the outside
by - Heretic, rebel, a little-which should perk. But love and I
we were not strong enough to win, We drew a circle in which he found himself
-The world is more able than
them one can imagine.
How would that men should do to you do ye even so to them.
-Those who are oriented to obtain
usually do not get happiness, happiness is acquired by those who give. Simply
Give yourself the second part? act that is the result of attention, the idea that
help, for Thanksgiving, help in difficulties, a sense of understanding,
proposal at the right time. Take something out of your mind, euphemistically goodness
from your heart and ask sugovornikov in mind and heart.
-Your life turns into what you think.
-People are afraid to think or do not know
how to think. I do not see that, although emotions can not be suppressed
We can strengthen the mind. Around the world people are looking for spiritual peace, but peace of mind
is impossible without the power of the mind.
-It's amazing that all the people
able to do just to avoid thinking. And it's so tragic
true observation. Some of us think, many of us thought that thinks,
and most never even thought of thinking. The result is somewhat
distorted world.
A man receives the kind of love as it gives.
-Love all God's creation, a large
whole and every grain of sand in it. He loves every leaf, every ray of God
lights. She loves animals, loves plants, love everything. Do you love everything, to observe
Puzzles will in all things. And once they see through, they'll start the day
by day more and more understood. And eventually the whole world will fall in love with a love that
covers everything.
-To forgive him, the man first
must forgive.
-He that can not forgive others
bridge collapses and I must go, because every-man has a need for time to
be forgiven.
-For those who will be most unforgiving
most forgiven.
Thankfully-keeping brings happiness.
-No one can be grateful in itself, thanks go to the individual
to man ..
-Gratitude is a fruit of great refinement, you will not find among uncultured
The man is afraid of what they do not understand.
Overwhelming-man three layers. Virtuous,
free from care; wise; acquitted doubt, fearless, liberated
the fear.
Self-Peace can only create
-If you're alone in peace, then the world
there is at least some peace. Then the peace share it with everyone and everyone will
have peace.
-Listen to studying.
All-wise and reasonable people have one common trait: the ability to listen.

-Hearing is one of the five senses. But listening is an art.
-A person who is not only a good listener favorite, but after a while something
and knows.
-Wisdom is born of error, error confront and learn.
-Wisdom thoroughly learned that we will never forget.
-In this world there is nothing better than to purified wisdom.
-Humility leads to prayer, and to progress, and aligns you with the infinite.
-In humility there is something unusual delights the heart.
-There is no holiness without humility.
-Humility is not a feature of the weak and timid, it should be carefully distinguished from puzavog
-I do not plan means a failure to plan.
It's better to go back and create a network rather than go down to the river and only wish for
-Four Steps to Success: plan thinking
the goal pripremaj with prayer, teaching in a positive spirit, working to
A man never notices what has been done;
one sees only what remains to be done.
-Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul.
-What are your habitual thoughts, such will be the nature of your soul - because he thinks
give color to the soul.
-Every year, I am convinced that the
wisest and best focus attention on the beautiful and the good, and
as little as possible deal with evil and false.
-Man's inner nature reveals
what praises - the man best judge what he says about others. So
Honor the man his instrument. What is considered the best. A decisive
and it can not be. Such an examination reveals the soul.
-Progress depends on the diligence and perseverance.
-Nobody can thrive when the wavers between two things.
-Love for others has limits in man-love.
-Apply the injustice does not mean anything if you do not remember.
-Kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity followed by injury.
Himself-I will be able to forgive me alone.
-Forget and forgive the insult.

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