Saturday, December 22, 2012

Listen to your heart

We all sometimes irrational and proceed without a logical explanation, even without deep thought making the best decisions. Why? As we just knew ˝ ˝ or was it ˝ ˝ higher power. Our animal instincts are still there somewhere in us and help us make decisions that may even save a life.

Grind your intuition in three steps:

First How to make the right decision?

Select the situation in which you are hesitant and run between two options. This time let his "feeling" a chance to take you to the right path. Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, to calm your mind and deal with the issue of the decision. Then simply choose one option. For example, I do not know whether to change the location where you live because of a new job. Imagine a solution in which you decide to move there and watch what your inner feelings to awaken. Do you feel anxiety and inhibitions, or freedom and warmth? Are you feeling comfortable or uncomfortable?

After that, imagine a solution where you moved because of a new job. Again a good look at your thoughts and find out whether the feelings aroused by looking generally positive or negative. Of course, take as much time as you need.

At the beginning you may not get answers strictly defined, but if you pay your body with the same question more than once, you will develop a reliable sense of right decisions for you.

Second How to identify trouble?

Your intuition can fairly quickly and clearly reveal whether a person or a particular situation is good for you. Of course, this requires a little sanding and train your senses.

Remember the times when you returned to any meeting, and you feel good for no reason. Notice what happens to your body while you are remembering that experience. Check in your stomach first, then the shoulders, arms and legs and concentrate on what you are saying these parts of the body of a person or situation.

Are you tense or relaxed? Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Take the time to become aware of all these physical stimuli, and try to find out what you want to say. For example, you may experience abdominal cramping, squeezing the throat or just a general feeling uncomfortable. You'll probably feel like when someone tossed something sarcastic or not holding your mutual agreement.

There are times when your body is screaming that something was wrong, but it's just a reaction to a trauma or stressful situations in the past. In this case, the present situation triggers. That feeling drives us to be more aware of the dangers in that moment taught an embarrassing scene from the past.

During the day, try to be as aware of your body and study how it reacts to certain people and events.No matter if you feel uncomfortable or as if everything is all right, all information is very important and useful.

3rd Personal stress detector ˝ ˝

Our body, especially the abdomen, it can be a good indicator of stress. Exercise is very simple: concentrate deeply on her belly. Is peace and quiet or active? Is shriveled or limp? Tense or soft?

If you are tense and tense are probably influenced by some form of stress. Ask yourself what you would be easier and dispel that feeling? Visualize walking on a beautiful beach, dinner at your favorite restaurant or a relaxing massage. Sometimes it's enough to just sit quietly and breathe slowly for several minutes.

Whatever comes to mind, take a few minutes to devote to them the positive and beautiful thoughts.Joyce, while the more colors, shapes, textures, smells and other things zaokupljuju our senses.Literally relive the event, the fantasy as much as possible. You'll know you've succeeded when your tummy becomes limp and relaxed and within it begins to spread that good feeling.

As with all skills, and understand messages of our bodies, you need a lot of practice and effort.However, after a while you realize that you have found yourself in a valuable and trustworthy guide.

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