Saturday, December 22, 2012

Live your life

Being here and now is not at all simply because the constant strain on what was or what could be. However, remember that you are really living only now, at this unique moment ...

After all you are on vacation, but do not relax because you are successful every little obsessed thoughts of unfinished business or plans, and the work you are eagerly counted down the days to the year. Bought a new car so desired, but now not on the green branch with the money for the loan, the cost of registration, maintenance or repairs and new parts, fuel ... It's nice that you have kids, but constantly worry about their education, security, fear that it will fall into bad company, bad marry or marry. And those "classics" - when you were a kid, you wanted to grow up fast, and now that you are grown up, they wanted to be a kid again. "The human heart is always something, is not completely satisfied ever: as soon as the desired goal dovreba, again from him, because he desires spring up ..." wrote the great Peter Preradović a restlessness of our hearts.

Stand on the ball
Hold it! Look around you! Do you even know where you are now? Is it not true that in this moment, as you read these lines, are in some sort of mind bezglasnoj storm? While we understand the words written here, every little thought flashed your head about something today or will soon have to make, whether a child listens to the other room to cry and rob you these few minutes of peace that you steal for yourself, you might have remembered something you (not) happened a long time ago, maybe your heart is broken, so I occasionally look away from the screen into the unknown, breaking through walls and searching forever lost time. Who knows where you are, but one thing is for sure - there are few who are really here in this unique moment.

If we look at his life back, most of us will see that in fact constantly complaining for something that was so beautiful, but it's such a short time, and while it lasted, we knew we did not enjoy. Try to be the first to test next time when you happen something wonderful will refresh life - are you in this moment even aware of their own happiness? Do you take from that point as much as you can, you are experiencing the joy and heart and mind and with all your senses and your thoughts are wandering somewhere? And you might not even want to enjoy almost the same as the event ended badly in the past, and fear of disappointment again?

The rebirth

Being here and now, living in the moment really is not at all easy, at least not to adults. But maybe it's time to learn an important lesson from the children who still have no sense of time - play and enjoy every moment of their existence, because we do not know how to think ahead or be burdened by the past. Of course, you can not afford more irresponsibility, or threaten the family bohemian life, but if you want to live life to its fullest, you must learn to be present in the moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not happened yet - if you do not live here and now, what is your life? But do not worry, it's never too late for a rebirth. And it can be learned, as an exercise, but you can start here and now, on the positive site Naturale.

Pay attention to the world around you - Try to always find something beautiful in your environment.Maybe on the way to work is moved over an old-fashioned and romantic bridge, maybe the balconies of buildings in the neighborhood adorned with flowers or, still tired from the heavy night, looked up at the morning sky streaked with clouds of bloody dawn. Such little things bring joy to even the most boring tasks and refreshed daily routine. You would not believe how much you miss the beauty when you walk along the road, lost in thought, and head down.

Focus on what you are doing - even if you just walk, delete, or dust mixing playing cards, what is this feeling? Apply a similar technique meditation: While you certainly will at least occasionally flash a thought connected with something else, release, let go in peace. Focus on what is and not what it was or could be. Pay attention to your senses - sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Have you ever concentrated so much on something that you had a feeling that once everything else is missing?Living in the moment is to create such a state of mind at any time and anywhere.

Smile when they wake up - there is no scientific evidence in favor of that but I face run certain processes in the body that determines how you feel. While the closest expression of true happiness smile that does not just smiling, but his mouth and eyes. So, I wake up with screams and smashing the alarm clock. Decide as early as the first moment of your day in a good mood.

Randomly and spontaneously doing good works - whether it is a two-rate, which will give a beggar, coin inserted into a box for the education of poor children in the post office, volunteering for the Red Cross or donating children's clothes, apparel poor family, pay attention to every moment in which the given contribute to a better and more beautiful world. Even the little things, a kind word or gesture can bring joy. The biggest impact is that just spontaneous and unexpected good deeds, and they can not be sensitive if you do not live in the moment.

Reduce activities that distract you from the present - What is your way to escape from the present?Most people watch television, and thus puts his mind to sleep while time passes. Nothing wrong with dreaming, enjoying a good movie or book, but it is not life as it directs trentku your concentration on something that is not here and now. It's a form of escapism, to avoid problems. Be active, not passive, choose those activities that will encourage you to look around the world and the consciousness of the moment. Gardening, knitting or playing a good example.

Be thankful for what it is - When you want something you have or you would like your life is different, take in the fulfillment of their desires by first feel grateful for what you have now. This will take you back to the present. Make a list of everything for which you are grateful, even if only to be thankful that you're still alive and you can not breathe. Do not miss the gifts that stand in front of you just because you're thinking about what you once had, or what you would want your.

Little things that will help:

• Play with children - try to imagine their world view. Try to remember his childhood.

• Sorry - many of us are burdened by resentment that prevents us to open our hearts to others because we are afraid that we will be hurt again.

• Pay attention to your breathing - awareness of breathing naturally calms the mind and helps us get back to the present.

• Listen and enjoy - let you take your favorite tunes, dance and sing along, enjoy the experience

• Actively participate in discussions and listen carefully interlocutors

• Think about how to make good work, someone could make you happy

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