Saturday, December 22, 2012

Love trap

Love is not an emotion to be, it is the space between the man and the two people that includes vulnerability, opening controls of rejection and, above all, self-image that we photographed a lifetime commitment. Do we have the courage, after the initial infatuation with partners, we will get into real intimacy - and that is stripping, even when we are afraid that we will be rejected
One of the primary motivations for which we need here is a quest for contact and love. It is more than obvious. What is not so obvious is why we need is love. What is so valuable in love without losing a sense of it all?

Love us, basically, allows access to unconditional freedom to be who we really are and to realize its ultimate potential. In the context of relationships, love opens our individual borders (or masks ego), so we can have direct contact with each other, unconditionally to connect and grow together. We could say that this is the main purpose of life. The question is how to achieve it.

The tragedy of love and problems with others
From early childhood, most of us have experienced a shock in the form of fear that we will get what we need the most - love. It made us derail and disrupt the natural process of growing up and maturing in an able, fearless and love the ability of an individual. Instead of giving and receiving love unconditionally, we've learned to hide and play games with each other. No wonder we complicate relations.

When others would be aware of who we really are, when we unconditionally accept and allow us to be as we are, if we paid full attention and faithfully reflected, without judgment, what is in us (including our true nature), then we would have no problem. Everything went as it should be, the full realization of the purpose for which we have here. Since we have much to be desired, we are dealing with the problems, obstacles, resistance, danger, pain and suffering. It seems that this is the only way we can learn and grow.

Pitfalls of romance
Falling in love is like falling off a cliff into a bottomless abyss. And in the fall so much going on and you forget your name. If you ever feel like you do not have to do anything in order to have what you want, if you ever believe that's all well and great, then it's time to love. If there is a lottery in which blindly risking everything you have, then it is a romance - hence, blind love. No matter what, just experience is indeed better than the best. But the disintegration of sleep and waking up in real life, none of us even in the madness is not expected.

As Narcissus was in love with the reflection of his character, that is. in themselves, and so we fall in love with an ideal image that paste on the face of the beloved. Therefore, unless we are not able to actually see the actual other, we can build a relationship with it realistically. All we can do is extrapolate and fantasize about each other and respect. At the same time, with the other exchange huge amount of sexual energy, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, freshness and sweet emotion. This is what belongs to us and it's real. But the relation is illusory because it is based on an ideal or image of the "perfect lover" through which we experience another plain. And it belongs to the mind, or virtual reality.

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