Saturday, December 8, 2012

Of thoughts

Of thought will torture you just as much as they allow

Negative thoughts, even though you are the true and persuasive, but if you step back for a moment from them, you will realize that the false, exaggerated and just discard them.

When people, for example, depression, appear automatically negative thoughts like "this does not make sense", "what does it all" or "I'll never get it right." And when they are excited, is positive thoughts like "I can do everything now, and while I will not go wrong."

While we occupy, negative thoughts seem entirely plausible and reasonable. So keep in mind that thoughts are not facts. But I still have a great influence, and the best way to resolve them is the challenge. First of them is the consciousness and at least briefly distancirajte of them. Then finish with four questions of thought - "is that true?", "Do you know that this is really true?", "How do you react when you believe not that thought?" And "who you be without that thought?" Advises Katie Byron, author of "Loving What Is".

When you apply these questions to a problem that is bothering you, you will see from quite a different perspective. At the same time, you're asking these four questions, you will know how dark thoughts actually untrue. After a while you realize how much impact your life, especially emotional, and changing the way we see things and how you react. And after you change the way you think about things, and change the things we are considering.

Of thoughts are just thoughts, and will torture you as much as you allow them and attach meaning.
The problem looks cool heads

Imagine something that causes you to feel the nervousness and grow. Then imagine that this nervousness has no impact on you - no black thoughts and negative feelings. You will understand that it is not a major problem but how you look at it and think about it.
Negativity breeds new concerns

If you become anxious or depressed about something, the negative thoughts begin to develop even about things that have nothing to do with the current problem, and then they usually exaggerated.The more I think about it, it will be uzrujaniji, so ignore them.
The man thinks himself abused

Causes no problem in people suffering but thinking about the problem, says Byron Katie.UvrijeĹženomu contrary opinion, "release" painful thoughts or black does not help, but after a successful questioning thoughts leave black people. Then people love and accept things as they are.
Against bad attitudes are not fighting, but it is changing

Do not fight the negative thoughts, I'd rather learn to deal with them and try to replace them as positive because it is the most effective way. But for that you need to exercise and willpower. And against the dark thoughts will be easier to fight if at least a little bit from them.
Recognition of black thought is half the battle

The first step in solving the dark thoughts that they become aware of and acknowledged. They reflected a drastic shortage of energy, resentment, somber mood and do not see anything good in anything.
It's good - and I believe it

In dealing with negative thoughts and helps if you understand why they occurred. After that, replace them with positive thoughts equivalent, which will eventually come to believe.
Thoughts should not manage you

Well consider the thought. At the time of thinking about it, tell you that you will not be allowed to take control of you. Her more discounts, it will have more impact on you.
Positive thoughts "planted" every day

The more good thoughts "planted" in a day, it will quickly become a better life, a happier you. If they appear dark thoughts, only "release" and think about more positive things.
Always the best case scenario

Wrapped with black thoughts, often thinking about worst-case scenarios that are rarely realized. If you can imagine the poor, it means that you can imagine and good. So imagine a completely different scenario - the best, or at least half as positive.

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