Saturday, December 8, 2012

Positive thoughts improve life

For the first time it has been scientifically proven that as soon as they change our outlook on life, changed our mood. Brains of optimistic people receive more information and creates a broader perspective.

People with a positive outlook on life better receive visual information from the outside world which proves that truly enhances the positive attitude of life.

Researchers have shown that the brain more easily read when receiving images with positive emotions. People who see life as seen better in a larger perspective, as opposed to pessimistic people watching very closely, and they all seem black.

This is the first clear evidence that our mood does change as they change our views on life and lived experience.
During the research subjects were shown a series of images that are designed to challenge the good, bad or neutral mood. At the same time, they recorded their brains to their reactions recorded.

'Good and bad moods literally change the way we view the world. Our research has shown that the brains of people who see life positively receive more information, while negative thinking people tend to receive less information, "explained Professor Adam Anderson, a psychologist at the University of Toronto.

However, his fellow Taylor Schmitz warned that constant positive thinking is not always the best idea because it can distract you from some serious stuff. 'This can lead to distraction from the key issues that require focused approach', warned Schmitz.

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