Saturday, December 8, 2012

Resistance to change

I am the beat and in life, which is always changing.

Awareness is the first step to healing and change

If something bothers us is buried deep within us, that we become aware that we are healed. You might start by mentioning that haunts us or požalivši to it, or observing the same problem in the other.Come this way we become aware of a problem that has surfaced on the surface and take a stand against him. Often we find teachers, friends, course or book that show us new ways of solving problems.

My "awakening" began with a random friend's remark about going on the stand. She did not go, but something in me and I responded there appeared. This brief discussion was my first step on the path of development. I did not at that point that I realized the significance until some time later.

At the beginning it often seems that our approach is funny or that it does not make sense. Maybe it seems too light or unacceptable for our established way of thinking. We do not want to change. Our resistance can be very powerful. We can even get angry with yourself because you got involved in something like that. Such a reaction is quite good if we take into account that this is the first step in our healing. Please note that the reaction of the people that you feel shows that began the process of healing, but healing is not yet fully achieved.

The truth is that the process begins the moment you begin to think about change. Impatience is just another form of resistance. It is resistant to learning about the new changes. If the demand of ourselves that we change now, do not give yourself time to learn a lesson from the problems that we have created. If you want to switch to another room, you'll need to get up and do a step by step in this direction, and if we just sit in his chair and request that you find yourself in another room, so it will not work. It is similar to our problems. All we want to solve the problem, but we do not want to do those small steps that will lead us to the solution. Now is the time to become aware of their responsibility in creating the situation or the situation in which we find ourselves. I think that while you feel guilty or think you're a bad person because of the situation in which you are located.

I just want to recognize themselves in power of your thoughts into your experience. In the past, we unconsciously use this power to create the experience that we wanted. We were not aware of what we do. Now, when we accept our responsibility for what happens to us, we recognize the existence of this power in ourselves and learn to use it consciously in a positive way in your favor.

When patients suggest a solution to the problem - a new way of forgiveness to the person who hurt you - how often I see the beard and throws out his hands tightened into fists. Resistance is in full swing, and then I know that I shot in what should be changed. We all need to learn some lessons.Things really fell hard for us the lessons that we have chosen. And, if they are easy for us, then it is not already learned the things that we know.

Louise L. Hello, how to heal body and mind

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