Saturday, December 22, 2012

Secrets of healthy communication

Communication in a relationship is very important. In fact it is a vital key to the success of the connection. Many couples overlook the value of communication, a lot of them do not know how to communicate well. Did you learn this skill, it can mean a lot to love your happiness.

Are you good at communicating?

A lot of couples are insulting each other, it means that the verbal or emotional abuse suit with similar insults. No wonder that so many dysfunctional marriages. It's hard to create an environment of positive communication and loving yourself if you've never been in a similar environment. People who grew up in dysfunctional families with negative communication often behave themselves in marriage.

Once the marriage begins to fall apart, none of the partners is not prone to communication or other opening. Prevention is better than cure, so it is important to learn the techniques of constructive arguing before marriage. But even if the situation worsened in the marriage, never too late to see it properly.

How to make your partner reopen

Often both partners in a marriage they want to give the impression "powerful" people do not want to give in first. They want to show your partner that you do not need. The result is a growing rift in communication. None of the partners does not want to say what's bothering him. Distrust fills in the gaps created by silence and the differences soon become insurmountable. But they did not. Would you encourage your partner to open up and break the silence, to do several things.

Often the reason why your partner is not talking to you that you do not want to create conflict, expressing his feelings. From time to time we all have some negative feelings about the partner or the relationship. In many marriages partner simply does not speak about it, suppressing his feelings until the sensation of anger. In other marriage partner responds with anger against a spouse and express feelings criticism and insults. None of these options is not healthy for a marriage.

Even if your spouse does not say anything, it is likely that you have a lot to say. Only he does not know how to express, color reactions or think that there is no need to share with you.

You can encourage your partner to speak to you, creating an atmosphere where they will feel safe and comfortable talking. But avoid the following tactics in all ways:

- For in a partner to tell you what's wrong or why not talk to you.
- Accusing partner that you're worried silence.
- To get angry because the partner does not contribute to the conversation.
- Feel angry because you making life difficult.

Instead, do the following:

First Practice your own listening skills
Instead of filling the silence small talk, let silence should last. Often, one partner to another compensates reticence to talk too much. Your partner may feel that he can never give a chance to speak because you are always talking about.

Second Cultivate an attitude of acceptance neosuđujućeg
This means that the unconditional love and accept partners, without which he closed ranks. If you often react defensively or when a critical partner to share with you my thoughts and feelings, actually punishing him because it opened. If your partner tries to open up to you, give them your comments to know that you listen to it, but refrain from expressing their opinions until you listen to what he has to say. Sometimes we just want to be heard, and we feel better when we know that he is a partner listened to the end without criticism or condemnation.

3rd Learn to apologize and to really think
A sincere apology means a lot. When you share with your partner your concern or problem facing married, do not respond angrily. Listen carefully, without kritke and harsh self-defense. If you preuzrujani to think soberly, tell your partner that you appreciate what he brought his problem, but that you need time to think about it. If you come to the conclusion that there is some truth in what you say partner, apologize clearly and directly.

Instead he muttered, "I'm sorry", look partner in the eye and tell him, "I'm sorry for ... I'm sorry about that feel that way." Are you saying your partner own words why you're sorry, then say what you have done or say why your partner feels hurt, you show him that you really understand the problem.

4th Have open discussions are a positive experience
It may seem lame or preosjećajno, but thank you for sharing each other's thoughts and feelings, secure the connection. A hug after a difficult conversation can mean a lot. It does not matter whether you agree or not with a partner, it is important to show your partner that you really care about his feelings and thoughts. Every time you share with your partner something, no matter how small, express your gratitude.

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