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Techniques for happiness

How to live in line with the goal of your life?

Did you ever ask anyone what it is, really, want in life?
Is it more success, more money, more love, or something else entirely?

Whatever the answer, the conclusion is always the same: the only thing we all want is to feel good. It is the ultimate need of all human beings.

Feeling good, it was nothing more than one of human capabilities. Like a muscle - the more you use, the stronger it becomes. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten or never learned to use this ability.

There are many simple techniques to enhance the capacity for happiness and satisfaction .. Some of them will meet here and they will, if you applied as directed, dramatically improve the quality of life, you will have more energy and just feel the satisfaction of himself and life ..
All that is required of you is that these exercises work 10 days in a row and feel the difference.
After that, decide for yourself whether to keep them or not ..

Well, let's get started.


We all know how important it is to feel good, but to forget the daily bustle and obligations. There is so much we need to reach, and the day has only 24 hours.
How important is a sense of satisfaction only when we remember we are already in a state of deep unhappiness and negativity.

What is a Flip Switch? It's a technique that we keep in mind a positive image, a moment in the past when we felt really good, or rather, a fictional event that makes us happy. It is enough to keep a couple of seconds to make sense of this "cancel" previous negative thought or displeasure. The key is to do this as often as possible.
It is said, kill the beast while it is still small.
So, do not wait to negative emotions turn into something more fully master your thoughts.

Do this exercise throughout the day and you will see how much change will happen in your life. Some people find it hard to imagine, ie. visualized. My advice is, in this case, pretend to see the image you want in your head. No matter how clearly imagine, but how intensely you feel.

TECHNIQUE NO. Second Catch the magical moments

No one remembers all the things that happened to him in life, but we all remember certain moments.Unfortunately, many people only remember the embarrassing moments, and forget those beautiful.Unpleasant memories make us more nesretnijijma, and that, indeed, and we do not notice.

The objective of this technique is to help you consciously remember magical moments so happy you are so happy. Simply keep a log of magical moments every night before bed, calling out all the wonderful memories that happened during the day.

Record the things that you enjoy, what you learned, and most importantly, what you've achieved.Each week, record their performance for the week, and every month, write down your major accomplishments for the month. You will be amazed at how many good things you have accomplished and wonder how you had not noticed.

Remember, and this technique must be applied 10 days and then you will simply fall in love with the changes in your life.

TECHNIQUE NO. 3rd Be grateful for EVERYTHING

The most powerful emotional state that a person can have is just GRATITUDE. When you're in a state of gratitude you're in harmony with the universal source of energy and every obstacle becomes then your chance.

People are unhappy and depressed in most cases because too much attention to the problems and forget all the good things that happen to them in life.

Be grateful for the love they get from family, friends and colleagues. Thank them in some way, any way. Save them lunch, buy a gift or a kind word of appreciation gifts, or just a sense of gratitude in my heart.
Be grateful to yourself, to your body. Say thank legs that carry you such a long time, say thank you with eyes that allow you to see the beauty of this world, say thanks with ears can hear all sounds fine all. Say thank you to all parts of the body.
Be grateful for everything you have and you'll get more and more of everything.


What you give, you'll get it! Proof of this is that the richest people in the world, precisely, those who give the most .. For example, Bill Gates. Not many other people in human history has given so much Bill Gates gave the world.
The rule is that you have to give what you want to obtain. If you want money, you have to pay money if you want love, you give love ...

To be happy and loved other people have to make you happy and loved. In this brave moment when you show love to the world, but the universal law guarantees that you're going to get back ..
The only thing to note is that whatever you give, you give unconditionally, ie, without expecting anything in return. Business Universe, how and in what way will you get it in return .. all in accordance with your intentions.

TECHNIQUE no. 5: I am a VIP!

Nothing is as important as feeling good.
The outside world is just a direct reflection of your inner world. The only way you achieve a happy and prosperous life is to feel happiness and prosperity in the world, ie. in itself.

You are the creator of all that you experience in your life. Only you can control your own emotions.No one can affect your sense was that if he does not let you. No one can make you unhappy if he does not let you.

I was deciding how to feel and you're 100% responsible for what how you feel.
What do you do to feel better? We will achieve this by making themselves treated as a VIP, Very Important Person, ie. a very important person.
Imagine if you met a famous and important person to you, how to behave towards her? Would you have done all that it feels good, do it to be number one on your list of priorities? So why not treat yourself as a VIP?
Do everything to usrećiš: make a meal, buy yourself a gift, dedicate your time - you deserve it. You are your own VIP and no one is more important than yourself!

TECHNIQUE NO. 6: The power of focus

Surely you've heard some of the following statement: "What we put the focus becomes reality", or "You are what you think most of the time."
We all want prosperity and pleasure in life, but how many of us, it really puts into focus just that?Many focus on the problems and in the end, this is what you get. This universal law is infallible and wholly preciznožcu work. If focusing on poverty, you'll get it, if focusing on wealth, you'll get it, if focusing on good luck, you'll get it and so on.
This law works perfectly.

The question is, what are we supposed to do consciously to focus on what we want, not what you do not want. Many of us, consciously or unconsciously thinking negatively, ie. suspicion and fear, and this is one of the major causes of failure.

Many ask themselves questions such as "Why did this have to happen to me" and respond in an equally negative tone: "Because I'm stupid / a" and the like. However, this should be aware of the tone and turn in a positive direction, to put the focus on the positive and encouraging you to ask questions. For example. "What good is this happening to me? or "What can I learn from all this?" It's never all bad, nor all that well, so, however, we have to help ourselves be more of a good and positive.
So, no matter how bad the situation looks, find a way to redirect attention to something positive.Remember, you become what of focusing on what!


A lot of disappointments and bad feelings comes from comparison and competition with others, because we think that others are doing better than us. Others look better, have more money, a better house, advancing at work, others are happier .. And as long as we direct attention to our weaknesses, we will always feel bad and you will not ever be good enough. As long as they are compared to others, we will always find someone who is better than us.
Instead, it is far better and easier to live in their own way ... Instead of thinking about others and how they are better, direct our attention to learning from each other and improve their own skills.

Life is growth and progress, not competition.

TECHNIQUE NO. 8: Get in touch with your higher self

Modern age brings with it more responsibilities. We are all so busy with daily activities that we forget just on ourselves and our needs. So we need to set aside time for yourself in order to get in touch with your higher self.

Mother Nature is the first place to look for them. Each week, take a walk in the park or forest, listen to the sounds of nature and feel its power ... enjoy the greenery .. Feel the security of proximity to Mother Nature.
Another way that we can get in touch with your higher self through meditation in. Meditation is simple and all it can apply. The simplest way is to sit still and count the breaths. Whenever your attention wanders, bring her back to your breathing.
The goal of meditation is to clear my conscience to get in touch with your subconscious mind.

More about that in some other texts, but until then, practice these simple techniques for their own benefit and, remember, it is only 10 days exercise to feel the positive effects and felt happier.


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