Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ten most important emotion

First LOVE and warmth - cultivate feelings of love and kindness. Beautiful belief that I recommend to adopt comes from the book "The course of miracles": any response or communication is imbued with love or a cry for help. If you are able to turn to someone being hurt or anger, and you respond with love and warmth, the condition of that person will change over time, and the intensity of emotions will weaken.

Second Appreciation and gratitude - emotions Cultivate appreciation and gratitude. These are among the most spiritual feelings the emotions that we feel and they make our life better more than anything else. Do you live with an attitude of gratitude!

3rd CURIOSITY - Cultivate curiosity. If you really want to develop, learn to be curious like a child.Curious people never bored, and life for them becomes infinite joy of discovery.

4th Excitement and passion - Caress emotions of excitement and passion. These emotions can turn a challenge into a great opportunity of a lifetime and at the same time giving us the strength to move ahead in life faster than ever before. Bring it your passion.

5th Determination - determination distinguishes stuck in a job and that job commitment. Merely "forcing" himself will not be enough; need to bring in a state of determination.

6th VERSATILITY - be flexible. If any emotion guarantee success, it is the ability to change access.Actually, all the signals for action, only messages that suggest that we need to be flexible. During the life you will find yourself in situations where you will not be able to manage. Your ability to be flexible in terms of its rules, meaning that attach to their situations and long-term actions will determine your success or failure, not to mention your own personal joy and fulfillment.

7th Confidence - consistently cultivate confidence. If you've ever done something successfully, you are able to do it again. However, the power of faith, you can be confident even in environments and situation also with whom you have not met. Imagine the emotions that you feel you deserve, and their certainty rather than wait for one day in the distant future, a spontaneous occurrence.

8th Joy - joy strengthens your self-esteem, makes life more fun and entertain people around you.Being happy does not mean that you have to close our eyes to reality, looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and refuse to admit that there are challenges. This means that you are incredibly intelligent because you know that, living in a state of well-being and positive anticipation so intense that feeling of joy spread to all around you, have the power to overcome any challenge you might find.

9th VITALITY - is crucial to nurture their vitality; Do not take care of your health, it is much harder to enjoy other emotions. Contrary to popular belief, is not sitting still save energy. The man's nervous system must move in order to possess energy. As you move, the oxygen coursing through your system, and the physical level of emotional health creates a sense of vitality that you need to pretvarili challenges into opportunities.

10th Contributing - personally I do not know a deeper sense of emotion to make contributions: the feeling that you are his personality, his way of life deeply and meaningfully affect the second-largest gift to the living. The secret of life is in giving.

Tony Robbins, "Giant Steps."

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