Saturday, December 8, 2012

The illusion of thought

Most people spend a lifetime trapped within the walls of his own thoughts. Never goes beyond the narrow, personalized sense of self that is created by the mind, and the past has caused. In you, as in every human being, hidden dimension of consciousness far deeper than thought. It is the very essence of who you are.

We call it presence, pure consciousness, unconditioned awareness. The ancient teachings are talking about Christ and the inner nature Buddhinoj. Discovering that dimension frees you and the world of the suffering we inflict on ourselves and others, while what> little I <, created by the mind, all I know, the only thing that runs your life. Love, joy, creation, lasting inner peace can permeate your life except through that unconditioned dimension of consciousness.
If even occasionally thoughts that can go head to recognize as mere thought, "if you can become aware of their own mental-emotional reactive patterns as it happens, then these dimensions are already appearing in you as the awareness in which an event thoughts and emotions, as well as timeless internal space in which a content of your life. thinking Electricity has vast power that you can easily pull along. Every thought pretends to be particularly significant. wants total submission to your attention. Behold the new spiritual methods to your own thoughts do not realize it too seriously . How is it just people easily fall into the trap of thinking of his imprisonment! In his žejli for knowledge, understanding, and control of, the human mind their opinions and views wrongly assumed truth. Hardcover:'' Well, that's how it''. must be greater than thought to realize that no matter how interpret "your life" someone else's life or behavior, however you judged any situation, it is nothing but a point of view, one of many possible perspectives.
It's just a bunch of mere thought.
But the reality is a unified whole, in which everything is intertwined, where nothing exists in itself.Reflecting reality breaks into fragments, and divided at the conceptual pieces. A mind that thinks a useful and powerful tool, but you also very limited when completely take over your life, when you realize that only a small part of consciousness that is. Wisdom is not a product of thought. A deep knowledge of the real wisdom comes from the simple act of someone or something you devote full attention. Attention is primordial intelligence, consciousness itself. It dissolves the barriers created by conceptual thought, followed by the realization that there is nothing in itself. Attention combines one who observes and observed that the unified field of reality. Attention healing separation.Whenever you overcome compulsive thinking avoiding reality, you do not want to be where you are.Here and now. Dogmas - religious, political, scientific - arise from erroneous belief that thought can embrace reality or truth. Dogmas are collective conceptual prisons. It is curious that people love their prison cells because they give a false sense of security and a feeling, I know. "Mankind is not inflict any more suffering of its dogma.'s True that every dogma before or after the breakup, because reality will eventually disclose its falseness . however, if we do not recognize its fundamental fallacy, will replace the other.
What is the fundamental fallacy?
Identification with thought.
Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream thoughts. Realm of consciousness is much vaster than you thought it might include. I no longer believe in everything that you step away from thinking clearly and you realize that you're not a thinker. The mind is capable of, and because of scarcity * still yearns for something more. When you are identified with your mind, you easily overcomes the boredom and discomfort. So far indicates that the mind craves for additional incentives and additional food for thought and that his hunger is not satisfied. When you're bored, you can satisfy the hunger of the mind scrolling through magazines, phone call, watching TV, browsing web sites, or the purchase - which is not uncommon - transferring the mental sense of emptiness and need for something in the body, and then you meet briefly with food.
No, you can stay in a state of boredom and restlessness, watching how it looks when you're bored and you're restless.
While the sense of entering into consciousness around you suddenly open space filled with silence.How to spread a feeling of inner space, the feeling of boredom will begin to weaken in intensity and meaning. That way, even boredom can teach you who is and who is not.
You discover that you are not the person who is bored.
Boredom is simply a conditioned energy movement within you. Nor are you a person who is angry, sad or scared. Boredom, anger, sadness and fear are not your own, not something personal. These are the conditions of the human mind. These feelings come and go. None of what comes and goes is not you.
'' I'm bored. "
Who is aware of?
"I was furious, sad, scared.
"Who understands that?
You are knowledge, not a condition of cognition.
Prejudice of any kind implies that you are identified with the mind that thinks. This means that you do not see another human being, but only their own opinions about the human being. Reducing the vitality of another human being, but the idea is itself a form of violence. Thinking that is not rooted in self-awareness and serves the dysfunctional. Savvy who lacks wisdom is extremely dangerous and destructive. This is the current state of most of the human race. Strengthening thoughts in the form of science and technology, although in itself is neither good nor bad, it also became destructive, because thinking resulting from them is not rooted in awareness. Transcending thought the next step in human evolution. It is now our urgent task. Does not mean that we do not need to think, just that we should not be more completely identified with thought, that thought does not need to rule us.
Feel the energy of your inner body. Mental noise is the same time slows down or stops. Feel the energy in your hands, legs, abdomen and chest. Feel the life that is, life that animates the body.
The body then becomes a path leading to a deeper sense of aliveness underneath vacillating emotions and thoughts. In there you can feel the vitality that his whole being, not just the head. In the presence of which does not have to think, live your every cell. However, if you are in this state thought necessary for any practical task at your disposal. The mind can still operate and works beautifully when it uses a more comprehensive intelligence of what you are, and when it is expressed through.You may not have noticed that the short period in which you are "conscious without thought" naturally and spontaneously occur already in your life. Maybe you do some physical activity, just walking, maybe you wait at the counter at the airport and you're so completely present that the usual mental static noise withdrawn, and in its place comes conscious presence. Maybe watching the sky and listening to someone without any inner mental observation. The perception of you is perfectly clear, and it is not thought of clouds. Mind none of that matters, because he has better things to think about. Besides, does not remember these things, and therefore may not have noticed that it is already happening. The truth is that this is the most important thing that can happen. It is a shift from thinking podetak the conscious attendance. Let the state of> ignorance <become comfortable. It will take you beyond the mind, because the mind is always trying to conclude and interpret. She is afraid of ignorance. So, if you feel comfortable in the dark, but you have outgrown your mind. For this situation then deeper insights emerge that are not conceptual. Artistic creation, sports, dance, teaching, counseling - mastery in any field or implies that a mind that thinks more is not turned on, or at least that is located on the second place. Matters into their own hands take the power and intelligence that are bigger than you, but to be one with you. No longer takes the decision making process, rather than the spontaneous right action happens, which does not manage you. Mastery of life does not require control.
Align with fruitful consciousness, and she acts, speaks, conducts. Moment of danger can bring temporary disruption in the flow of thought and thus allow you to experience what it means to be present, alert, aware. The truth is far more comprehensive than the mind could ever comprehend.No thought can not cover the truth. At best, it can point to. For example, you could say:
'' All things are essentially one''.
This is to show, not an explanation.
Understanding these words would mean deep inside you feel the truth of those words suggest.

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