Saturday, December 8, 2012

The meaning of life

The question about the meaning of life is haunted mankind for thousands of years. Well, Is there an answer to this question?

People are more than the genesis of humanity trying to find an answer to the question what is the meaning of life. Well of course it is something that haunted us all these years, because how do you explain what we are doing on this planet that floats in a vast expanse that we call the universe. What is the universe, what is a planet? So it's all kind of pointless, at least for those of our minds. And from all this we can draw a million questions that we may never find the answer. Because this really is our life utterly mysterious.

Looking for the meaning of life
And so is a man for all these years searching for some logical explanation. Through all this searching and found some things that he thought the meaning of life. And if all of that was the right answer? Of course it is difficult to accept the idea that we do not know who we are and what we are because our mind asks "logical explanation" for what is happening around us. Is not that our life is a "logical". All that we have done something mucus and if you serve no purpose then it is useless and as such majority reject it. It is logical to have ambition, you want success at work, you want a lot of money.Not logical not to have ambition and you do not want a lot of money. All those who deviate from the rules of society are strange to them and say that we have missed the "meaning of life". For man is like that. He loves his judgment and sentences and create some personal ideas about how things should be. And if not then there is no good. Well is not that a typical human.

Ever since the foundation of the man has not changed much. In essence remains the same, egotistical and headstrong. How a religion that was created by a man trying to explain its origin. Many years ago it was believed that the earth is flat, and anyone who would have thought the opposite would be declared an infidel. Those who have the truth became apparent they were persecuted, imprisoned and even killed. Eh, what is this human egoisti─Źnost able to do. And the worst part is that most are not even aware ... that we are not even aware of it.

So just how many gods invented. Because to accept that our life has no meaning. The gods were created by the vjerovanjiima country, and we manage our actions and all that happens is attributed as their will. So the man was calm because he found the meaning of life. With us as if there is something they are looking to know who we are and what we are. And then he has to find a "logical" explanation to give us the answer, even if it was false.

There are many different examples showing human attempts to explain the meaning of life. And each of them is for the people who believed in it is true. In fact, no one can say that all these theories are true or false because none of us in fact does not even have the power to understand the real truth, the real truth if any.

There are no rigid rules
I think that there is no explanation to clarify all the wonders of this world, to provide answers to all our questions, to make sense of all our hurts and disappointments. Such a thing is an illusion to seek, at least at this stage of our development. Maybe one day we see and understand who we are and what we do here, but until then (surely after many thousands of years) we have to make peace with the fact that the answer to this question we will not know in this our life.

Many will disagree with this statement. All those who believe in the gods, the faithful and representatives of various religions will say that it is pointless. Because they know how to live a life that does not have a specific goal, it might not be the sort of God we envision it, the omniscient, who takes care of us, thinking of us who appreciate our prayers.

Most of the rules and beliefs are created from the need to find our own identity, our role in this world. And the fact that all these rules only the fruit of man's mind. The true meaning lies with us and there is some truth that is good for everyone. Each person is unique in itself and does not need to follow other people's ways than just his own. We can ask for information, to realize some new things, talk with others, to read, but it just helps us to find our way, the way in which we can feel good about.Find that path is not easy because of this they need to invest a lot of effort and energy. Many may think that it is not impossible, but we are wonderful creatures and we are able to do a lot more than we think we can.

There is no real definition of the meaning of life, but still ...
Therefore, do not ask too many questions the answers to which we can not find an answer. Do not let's ask why we're here, is there any end of the universe, why the sun shines. Let's try not to stick to some rigid rules and beliefs, to believe in a sect that allegedly offered explanations. Because these are all illusions and frames that pull us away from ourselves. Nobody knows what is the meaning of all this, and I believe that some special meaning and no. Not meaning to be, acquire, be somebody. You need to live freely walk through that fills us. Each of us knows deep down that his path. It can be said that the "sense" in the development of consciousness, so let's move on to work on ourselves in order to feel better. This is the only acceptable way because it allows us to live without the frame, totally free exactly as such a force that wants to create all this.

Therefore, take down the boxes and go through their "own" happiness. Create their own meaning as a general no. For someone to be a sense of being a musician for a politician. For someone to sit and meditate for someone to learn to swim. Because as I said, there is no rigid rules. In all this, just keep our humanity and love for yourself and the world around us.

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