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The secret of successful people

They seem to effortlessly get to do so many things, and then drank coffee in peace while you are immersed in business that seems to have no end. You wonder how they managed it just in What is wrong? Their secret is implemented in some key whatnot.

The amount of work and diligence may not have an impact on effectiveness. Successful people have mastered the skills that they save time and have habits that are less successful and less effective without. From setting proper priorities on projects that do not need to be perfect, so that to say 'no'.Discover the habits that you can even turn into a more productive and more relaxed person.

First They realize the importance of recess

If you think that is a synonym for continuous operation efficiency (unless your brain is always working on the highest alert level) you are wrong. 'Pause is similar to rebooting a computer. The brain gets a chance and release accumulated stress later to think more clearly, "says Christine Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World. Primarily to the importance of the lunch break. You should do this every day, but it does not eat at the desk.Neither working lunch is not particularly effective. At some point you lose concentration. Finally, if you eat at the same time and work, you will not pay enough attention to the food (the best way to overeat) and not enough attention paid to even work.

In addition to the lunch break, Hohlbaum proposes a five-minute break in the morning, before starting work, and at least 10 to 15 minutes this afternoon. Whether you walk, reading a book or watching through the window with a cup of tea, you will the needed energy and improve efficiency.

'A pause is very important, otherwise the brain will reach a point of fatigue. When you feel it, move away from your desk and take a break, "says Hohlbaum.

Second Even when they are not the best mood, day to start a positive attitude towards colleagues

A study conducted at the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University shows that employees who arrive at work a bad mood - either because of family problems or stress in transport - can have a 10% lower efficiency at work. So if you come to work not always the best mood, I would spend five to 10 minutes to relax. 'Create a ritual. Maybe it's going to the kitchen with colleagues or other greeting.It does not matter what you do, mainly to foster a feeling of connection with colleagues, "says the author.

If you feel you are part of a larger team, you will work to make more sense, and that's a big difference. This will start the day and calm the mind and separate you from external sources of stress.

3rd Choose foods wisely

'Serious food for lunch will transform the rest of the day in an agonizing struggle. It is important that blood sugar levels remain uniform throughout the day, a sudden jump and fall that followed are not good for concentration, "he says. Kari Kooi from The Methodist Hospital in Houston. In his opinion, it is best to eat a light lunch and two smaller meals in the same time span. Vegetables and low-fat proteins are the ideal choice, while meat products do not provide enough energy. For a sufficient and consistent energy levels it is important that the food is less processed. Instead of baked goods and sweets, hand, hold the nuts and fruit is better to eat when you want something to put in your mouth.

4th A list of duties is flexible

Do you have a list of the necessary commitments will become inflexible. "Many people think that their day if they have to change the chaotic plan, while the most effective people are realizing that it is a normal working rhythm and it does not excite them," says Vicki Milazzo, author of Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman.

Dan always start the plan, but it lasts until 9 AM. Later, but different. ' However, Paul Rizzo, an expert in the design of work commitments and plans, and founder, stresses that it is important to have a specific list, no matter what will be changed. It is important to maintain a good direction.

5th Technology used and the limited purpose

Surf the Internet needs to know the time limit. Specify the time when you see your favorite social network or some portals. While you're on the Internet, time can pass faster than you think. If you do not have enough self-discipline, use something like Google Chrome's website blocker, which would limit the time you spend online. Be careful on the time you spend reading and writing e-mails - 15 to 30 minutes is enough for personal mail. Keep your personal life personal does not take away much of the time. And business emails can be very time consuming, so it may be more effectively used to call a person, especially if something needs to be clarified.

6th Determine what is important

Different tasks require different levels of concentration. Start the day by the distinction between jobs. Share them in those who require more intensive work and weeds. A weed is a little less every day what should be done, such as reviews mails, phone calls and minor organizational tasks.Intensive business is one that requires a longer period of concentration, such as writing, presentation preparation and management decisions. 'And pulling weeds is important, and provides a needed break between the two intensive task, "advises Milazzo.

7th Perfectionism are put in place that is theirs

'Women, it seems, by their nature prone to perfectionism. Therefore we need to differentiate between particular tasks that require such a dose of commitment, "says Milazzo. For example, if you are preparing mail for a business partner, a program run through the spelling errors, but do not read the letter five times or more. But if you are preparing a presentation for an important client, free show perfectionist touch.

8th They learned to say 'no'

It is possible that someone or something interrupts or interferes with the work. However, a successful and productive people are taught when and how to say 'no'. A method and time are very important. First of all say 'no' to those who still queasy and disturb others. For example, by placing headphones on the ears. They send the message that you are busy and eliminate the noise, and I look at them in a discouraging start. As for the 'no' that needs to say to your boss, tell that comfortable, but safe. 'No,' addressed to the head does not have to literally say, a wise head will be enough if you specify what is important or whatever you're doing. 'If the employee does so, the head usually get the message, "Milazzo said, adding:" Why would the head of an enemy? So you want to understand how you're doing and really want to make effective use of their time. If the boss knows it, the easier it will accept your 'no'. '

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