Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things certainly will not make you happy

All of us are constantly searching for happiness. True happiness is such a rare gem in the world constantly searching and can not find it. Why is happiness so elusive thing? Probably because most of us do not really know where to look ... Here's how I see the definition of happiness: Happiness is what you feel when what you want to achieve, and actually accomplish. The key word in that definition is "want". The whole problem starts when we want something. Most often the biggest problem is that we want the wrong things that would not really make you happy.

Fortunately most often associated with the wrong thing, person, or business, often in pursuit of happiness, and when you throw us something bad happens. Interruption, failure, sadness, lost friendship or a fifth, the reasons for which I immediately throw in the pursuit of happiness. This is where the good old'' only when we realize how little we lose our means''. The point is very simple. We were happy and we did not care about the rest. Now something happened that we were distracted while and we want to restore things as they were, and return the same feeling of happiness ...

Hunting and material

Shopping is often treated early, but in the long run. We recognize that finances are important, and that very well come when we are sad, but everything has its limits, including spending loads of money and buy fancy and luxurious things. Where are they days when they're looking forward trifles?Especially in the case of loss of job, absolutely do not recommend spending. Keep the money, the question is when you find a job again. On the other hand, if it is a romantic woes, the situation is somewhat different. Buy yourself something, we do not have anything against it, but know that when the shopping centers closed when you leave the expensive cafes with friends - again by hanging out with myself. As some wit said,'' called'' Midnight in the heart.

Another thing about the topic of money and happiness is what many wrongly think that more money means more happiness. Money should never be seen as a ticket to the VIP section lucky people, because the people who earn too often have problems with stress, which research shows even in the distant 2007th year. The conclusion is - as far as love had never be satisfied as long as it did, we want more. Happiness comes from people who actually have the skills to use the best you can be in a given situation. So, do not complain much you pay too little, and the neighbors are going to Dubrovnik view. Happy people with little money will find a way to enjoy.

Excessive "organization" of life

Surely you can not wait the marriage anniversary, or its celebration of someone's birthday, going to a festival ... You have planned everything from dresses, to the color of mascara, not to mention the hair. They're beautiful without competition, but I was so bored and, unexpectedly hard. Or do you plan a vacation months in detail, just to make a few unplanned things completely out of line ... This is because you expect too much in life. Best memories are those moments that come spontaneously, when we are most relaxed and happiest.


We all want to rest, always. But when we receive it, we become so bored looking forward to work on Monday. If you ask me, I always say it's best to rest when you're fed up, you hurt your back or urgently need a massage - take it and clearly, let your mind at ease, but looking at the long term this way of life would lead us to depression and endless boredom. All that is not too good, and so the rest too. It is said that a man is happiest when he is productive. Learn to enjoy the little things, starting with the morning coffee, ice cream, enjoying the warm weather and darivajući themselves and the nearest small signs of appreciation.


You plot a plan to avenge the former, the person you always zaparkira car, the girl with whom you now ex cheated or unhappy that you were a hairdresser who cut my hair much shorter than what you asked for, but soon you will begin to feel bad. Your subconscious will respond without you and notice. Then again, all over again. So go back "pins and water supplies," the furious crowd clear their prijateljia and calm down. Forget, forgive and simply immersed in something healthy, something that you can open many other doors in life. Start running, enter the course or culinary art ... Point your passion and anger on something positive. Besides, you never know what kind of people you meet and get to know. At least be willing to turn a new page in my life but a step towards success.


Perfection - no. '' I'll be happy as soon as you lose weight, find a man, fall in love, finish college, find a better job ...'', and you know that it does not lead to anything, but it's still a fool and go towards the goals that can be achieved, in principle, but for some reason always cancel. It's great you are trying to improve your life, but remember that you still need luck in a lot less time and at the end you get a lot more. Enjoy everything you happy and appreciate what you have.

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