Saturday, December 8, 2012

What are the secrets of successful people?

What are the secrets of successful people? Why do some converted into "gold" all of which tackle?

Your life is not "going" on its own. Whether you're aware of it or not, your life you build yourself.After all are decisions you make, just yours. You can choose happiness. You can choose grief. You can select the resolution. You can choose ambivalence.

You can choose success. You can choose to failure. You can choose courage. You can choose fear.Just remember that every moment, every situation, provides a new choice and new opportunities.And it gives you the perfect opportunity to some of the things in your life change and achieve more positive results.

And it can with the three secrets (and a few "podtajni"), which we will reveal to me here ...

First Find joy in what you do

First, what do you hate the most, that's the end of the day you can relax with those things in your job that you enjoy. Make a list of the hardest and most boring thing you have to do and when they do - they check off the list. This way you'll have a better pregednost over commitments, you will feel that you are able to do everything you had and you will see how much you each time closer to that type of work you enjoy doing. And all of this will make you more effective at work.

Second Develop a hard shell - stay strong before life's challenges

Better to focus on the job ahead and be committed to the job: Try to complete a task or project today, the best you can - without having to pay for the approval of others doing it. Do not let others interfere, do your best and do the best as you really can. If you feel that you have to see your "results", compare it with his previous efforts, instead of something that someone else has done or achieved. In addition to themselves specify a business challenge, or give it to the boss or colleagues by. Write a challenge on paper and paste it on the wall somewhere where you will always see him, to be reminded of the goal in front of you. The promise you made that you will do the task will make you more dedicated to achieving the objective and responsible for your actions.

Overcoming adversity: Ask yourself: "If I knew that my every project is successfully implemented - all of which I tried to make without fear and do it?" Once you answer that question, ask yourself why it would be so bad to fail in this project? And what would that mean for you? We learn from our failures than from many more of our achievements

3rd Be willing to expose himself to criticism

Build confidence: Remind yourself of all your strengths and abilities. Make a list of all its features that give you confidence. We all have our weaknesses and our strengths. Being aware of them, and both sides will help to highlight the positive side of the hide or "catch-up" its drawbacks

Start taking more risks: You should not be afraid of failure. If you do not even try, but you failed.Why do not you give yourself at least a chance of success? Choose something, some project or task that scares you a bit, and you decide to take the risk and try to successfully accomplish / finish.

Learn to tolerance and cooperation, "the system" to support can be of great help in everything, and in business and beyond. Try to establish better relations with the people, you make sure that they are fake effort - people will read it very quickly! Be honest and open with people, you never know when you might need their help.

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