Saturday, December 8, 2012

What do your eyes tell us?

Poetically speaking, eyes are always symbolized "the mirror of love." Of course, the lovers looked deeply into his eyes, searching for mutual reflection and warm feeling of belonging. Thus, it is possible to see the eyes of different emotional moods and spiritual states, in the eye and precise typographic display zones corresponding to various diseases. Based on a detailed analysis of the iris - iris - it is possible to accurately see the overall health of a man with possible illnesses - revealing the pathology of various diseases.

In daily life, fathers help us not only of the situation, but also to convey an important message - the mother will only view to calm the little rascals, a woman at a bar to deter unknown nasrtljivca.Fathers are a powerful tool in dealing with people, and reveal a range of emotions, from love to hate.The range of emotions and expressions that people exchanged few words, it really is amazing.

Often we are not aware that what we've just learned the message of one's eyes. On the other hand, we very consciously eyes to say what they think or feel. They are, usually, the first thing we notice when we meet. Even when some of the first time we meet, we greet him eyes, as if we gave him a hand - and, at the same time, we should remember that the greeting was returned. If someone you've just met not look into their eyes, acting "absent", it certainly will make you feel uncomfortable. What we want, and we can get without a word - just by looking at:

Angry eyes

Angry eyes will get you well when you want to be a lady and I do not want to make a scene. If, for example, in the store, and persistent prodavacica praising every little thing just to get you to buy a lot, is the opportunity for an angry glance. "Please stop me 'sell.' If I need help, I will seek it!" If it is reasonable, they will understand the message and udaljice.

Each of us has the ability to show anger eyes. It may be that you feel comfortable with - just think about why you are angry, tighten the jaw - and angry looks will naturally arise.

Fathers who say "no"

Fathers who say "no" angry eyes are similar, although you need not be angry. When someone asks you do something that does not want to, and otherwise use the word "will not" Use this defiant look.It is far more effective than showing resentment or anger outbursts - not only will you announce a message, but provides an open door for mutual understanding without umbrage.

Sad eyes

When you are unhappy, sad or unhappy, your eyes will not divulge it. Do not hide feelings. If you are down, it will certainly be evident. People around you will realize that you have a bad day and you need to be careful. When one of these unusual and "quiet", see it in your eyes. It will be the moment to ask "Is everything all right." Maybe just waiting for the signal to open your heart.

Happy fathers

Happy eyes shining, "broadcast" the warmth and pleasure. If all goes well, the first to reveal the eyes.The smile is the first work in the eyes - you certainly do not missed the stilted smile which was not in his eyes. If someone tells you something that feels good, thank him for his first eye. When you see the person you love, your eyes are bright and cheerful. Human eyes are almost always happy when near children or animals. The whites are even whiter, and the pupils "vivid".

Seductive eyes

This view is not necessarily erotic - it can attract others to do what you want - although it is certainly one way of flirting. Women have always knew how to seductively trepucu and acting chastity. It should, in fact, lower the upper eyelid and look forward "under the lash." Instead of spoiled cry out, "Please, please, do it for me", use the "seductive eyes" that is to say: "You want me to do, is not it?"Because it's better to find someone willing to anything, but to ask.

If, however, you are trying to get attention on the person you are attracted, a determined look without blinking will help you to "open the door". For many people this very powerful effect persisted open sea. I would never be the first to break eye contact - keep it as long as the one you see may be looked away, it will provide you with superiority.

Mischievous eyes

This is one of the most interesting views. Eyeball that "dance" show people that you are ready for mischief or teasing. Mischievous eyes bear witness that you are happy, playful, or talking about cute little lies. Some children from birth with mischievous eyes - just to see them and to know that before you nestasko.

Evil eyes

When it comes to the evil eye, I usually think of a criminal. It is not a myth - their evil thoughts or intentions often see them in the eyes, but in every other way I can look normal. Even many boxers have evil eyes. Although they are not criminals, their intentions are not the best - it's obvious that earn money povredujuci other people.

Poker fathers

Talent for poker view is a great treasure. Does not reveal a single thing, no matter what you feel or think. And it is the most difficult "to lead", because it's really hard to hide any trace of emotion. One way to try to achieve poker view is that you think the flat gray wall - some people are serving time in negotiations. Boxers use it to weaken the attention of rivals.

Fathers love

One of the most beautiful views is reserved for special occasions and special people. When you make love, cuddle, or hold the child in her arms, a look of expressing feelings of love. View this dog looks its owner, groom his young parents their children while they go down the street to take a university degree.

Language spoken by fathers

Therefore, how to use the sight in your life? Quite simply - if you're aware of the "speech" of his eyes and the total holding, aware of the impression you leave on people around you. Every situation you can not control if control himself. To some extent, of course, because that does not mean you have to pretend, but just be aware of your eyes and voice of your body. Serious business woman at a meeting that never went dressed seductively, however, can not go wrong if you send the wrong signals to the eyes, nerves, or because unconscious flirting. And when we learn to "read" what else sent us the eyes, we can not communicate effectively, whether it be the love, work and friendship. It pays to learn the language spoken by the eyes.

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