Saturday, December 8, 2012

What if they lose their jobs?

By: dr. sc. Dubravka Simunovic, prof. High School, Undergraduate occupational therapy, Medical
College, Zagreb
: Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself! Every day is a lot of his passion. - The Bible, Matthew, 6.4.

STEPS in 2012. year, which analysts in the country and around the world have announced that they will be more difficult than the last, and the effects of the global crisis will have an impact in all areas of life. Therefore, it is reasonable to fear every day, analyze and reflect that if we declared redundant, as if our job off, what to do if those suspicions are borne out. Simultaneously with these issues as they go and in this case we need to do, what preventive measures to take in order not to lose their jobs ("do not lose your common sense and keep sober head").
Job loss is not only caused by the shock of financial problems, it is a state of severe stress, which can manifest itself in the physical condition of the individual, members of his family.
Knowledge of legal regulations
Knowledge of labor laws and process procedure in the event of job loss is necessary as the knowledge of the position and the obligations associated with the performance of their duties. People who know the labor law and procedures which are necessary in the event of job loss can certainly reduce stress reactions.
The unemployed should know their rights and obligations in a situation where they lose their job.Employment Agency in writing of its acts right of unemployed persons who are regulated by the Act on Employment Mediation and Entitlements during self nezaposlenosti.Metode
How to overcome the feeling of helplessness and fear? Unemployed people can certainly help talk with those who are in "the same skin."
There are societies where unemployment Croatia can be found such as it is comforting, but it can muster the strength to move forward. In doing so the first step that we need to do is be sure to update your resume in which we will highlight their value and competency. Certainly, during the search for a new job should be used for self-analysis and the definition of clear objectives. The worst thing we can do is to be apathetic and inert.
Part-time jobs may be the perfect solution for temporary unemployment benefits because the conditions are not as stringent as competition among employers offering full-time job, and most of these jobs offer flexible hours that will make easier the search for a new job. Although the loss of a job very stressful experience, the most important thing is that in this situation we do not lose faith in their own ability and to achieve a new success.
Experiences of individuals who have been "calvary of job loss," warning that the new situation can be a good opportunity to discover new talent that may be new guidelines for achieving life goals.
While you're at the stage of intensive search for any part-time or full-time position, do not neglect the physical symptoms that can occur as a result of stress condition caused by the loss of a job.
Physical indicators as rapid breathing, sweating, difficulty sleeping may be just the external indicators of stress that you have passed and its consequences. Therefore devote enough time for themselves and their loved ones.
Exercise, breathing exercises, walking or any other form of performing recreational activities can only use. Relaxation techniques let you become commonplace. Relaxation as self-help methods certainly contributes to the recognition of pathophysiological conditions. Directing mind of their own body, activating gnostic functions and senses, and application procedures for bringing the system into an optimal physiologic state contributes to overcoming the consequences of breathing stresa.Vježbe perform daily in all situations where you feel uncomfortable thinking about the dismissal or some other situation that is upsetting you. Short-term inhalation and exhalation and irregular breathing are certainly one of the signs of physical and psychological effects of stress and exhaustion. If you notice these symptoms, do the following:
stand or sit upright
drain all the air from your lungs, feel that coming
Do not think about the inhale, let the air naturally enters
Repeat the process several times, until you feel relaxation.
Many people who lost their jobs have found them slow breathing relaxes, especially before an important interview or any awkward situation:
Concentrate on breathing slowly and calmly
feel how your body relaxes each inhale and exhale
Try to hold your breath longer, and it might help you relax.
Feel my body
It is very important to feel your body, thus:
of breath, feel the tension in your body, feel your shoulders, neck, face and hands
the breath, relax the muscles and allow the tension to slowly "slip" out of you
again, the breath, feel the breast, lung and stomach and tension in them
of breath, try to relax the muscles and release tension
breaths feel the lower body, hips, legs and feet
the breath "is" residual tension and let go of your body.
Continue to breathe deeply the next few minutes, enjoying the feeling of relaxation. Think positive using positive affirmations that can be a source of faith, if you're a believer, or some form of positive affirmations that you seem encouraging ohrabrujući.Metode cognitive behavioral approach is often used as a technique in counseling for people who have lost their jobs. One method is to conduct their own notes and write your goals positive sign can certainly reduce the sense of helplessness and apathy.
Social support networks by which we can visualize the people that we really can count on for sure will reduce the sense of helplessness and alienation.
Oboružati to their friends and acquaintances can surely help you in your job search. Moments do not spend socializing seeking pity. Explain what your friends are your biggest difficulties that followed the cancellation, ask them for help and they clearly explain what help you expect.
Be patient with the expectation of feedback. Sometimes excessive repetition of questions, and situations in which you have already found some of them can be tedious and exhausting. The worst thing that can happen is that after a while you and other friends start avoiding you because they have become too demanding, intolerant and nervous.
The need to discuss the situation, you can always make with people who are hell cancellation or last pass him.
Work to weigh yourself and know when, how and with whom to talk about their difficulties conditional dismissal for some individuals is impossible. There are those who have been hell of failure, but the rest of them are not neglecting your appearance, socializing and everything that makes everyday life.
Start each day with positive affirmations, use breathing techniques combined with exercise, do not neglect the neighbors, chart their moods cultivate relationships with loved ones without any discomfort that you can show your grief, do not forget the humor was on its own account or on someone else.
Try it at least once a day to laugh to tears.
Be persistent in seeking a part-time job until you find a permanent. Respond to tenders regardless of the denials that you forwarded the letter carrier.
Sign up for a course, learn something new, volunteer and socialize with people.
And do not forget, Thucydides said: "Being poor is no shame, but it's a shame not to take anything that this situation does not change."

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