Saturday, December 8, 2012

What is it that hinders?

Many times I hear from people, and I know myself asking: what is the cause, despite the fact that for years, sometimes decades of work on it, most people do not truly achieve visible and significant results?

You probably have the experience that you have had at least one high expectations of some techniques and moving with great enthusiasm in seminars, so that after a few months of enthusiasm diluted, reduced expectations, after a few years, you would conclude that you had no real use of techniques and went looking for a more powerful, which will produce the desired results. Maybe you know people who boast many years of work on it, but their behavior and sometimes acts less mature than 'ordinary' people on the street. What is causing this?

Neale D. Walsch, author of 'Conversations with God' to a similar question about the received the following response: "You say you are 20 years old you do spirituality - but you barely touched the edges of the paper. (...) Let's be clear about this: 'spirituality' means to devote your whole mind, your whole body, your whole soul of the process. It is an act of high awareness from day to day, from hour to hour, from moment to moment. It is again and again make selections at any time. It is an ongoing process of creation ... purified through awareness and intent. How long have you actually been in it? 'Even the most motivated people tend to eventually relax and work on it devote half an hour a day, while the rest of the day thinking and behaving the old way.

My opinion is to control the thought alone is not enough. Some authors, including Walsch, argue that the negative beliefs and emotions just do not need to pay attention and they will be transformed by positive energies. I'm convinced on the basis of their experience, even if it may be true in theory, it is infinitely slower time than the present surface of the negativity and work with them directly.

In addition, it is important to consciously deal with his emotions, but because too suppress negative emotions even when they are not consciously trying to avoid. The effort to avoid negative feelings lead to even stronger suppression requires a lot of effort and causes guilt, because these emotions are a powerful energy that seeks to achieve its motivation.

The motivation behind the unpleasant emotions is fundamentally positive, these are parts of us that we have created as a 'healthy reaction to an unhealthy circumstances' (Martyn Carruthers) and we are trying to be helpful in a way that 'considered' justified considering the negative beliefs that are related.

My favorite phrase is 'true to yourself'. By that I mean no coercion and self-criticism, but rather a profound attitude of acceptance and willingness to look at and the emotions that we feel and the most difficult to recognize. Motivation that is needed while the desire for the advancement of self-love, the desire to achieve happiness, instead of forced perfectionism.

What are the parts of you that you most hinder the progress, it is very difficult to recognize the mental level. Moreover, the barriers and the emotions that we are aware, is probably not what is crucial - precisely because we are aware of them, which means that they do not experience it so dangerous to suppress them. To discover the most important barriers, the resolution of which will make the fastest progress, you need a longer period of observation of their feelings and behaviors in real life, and the circumstances that attract.

It is important to learn to recognize those emotions that only the moment they come into consciousness almost immediately and are suppressed. The motivation for such a rapid suppression or extreme discomfort that comes the awareness of emotion, or a full awareness of the irrationality and destructiveness guilty or fear of destructiveness to the surface.

I believe that the main causes of the lack of willingness on the true honesty with yourself dogmatism, the functioning of the mental, emotional, or 'spiritual' ego and basically pushed deep hatred towards you that person would not be allowed to look at their destructive emotions without extremely strong feelings of guilt and destruction carefully constructed image. In such circumstances, we try to be 'Superman' - to prove their worth through painful excessive requirements on its own, without allowing ourselves to be true, natural human beings.

No system of personal development is not sufficient by itself to motivate us the willingness to look into the most hidden parts of ourselves. We can not rely only on technique, intention and willingness to be honest and true change must be aware of and engage your whole being. Failing that, if the technique is used to achieve the goals of superficial or even to transfer the responsibility for its success on the technique, or to escape from their own emotions and real life, the result is - at best - No growth.

What is crucial to recognize themselves they most destructive impulses, which often destroy our idea of ​​how we want to be. Pay special attention to those emotions that you find most difficult to apply in real situations. Note also any situation when you're trying to divert attention from something emotional: food, cigarettes, television, computer, and even books, and many other creative ways.Note that the environmental situation spontaneously try to avoid because you are afraid to face them. Try to discover the sentiments that you expect to be in those situations surfaced.

It is necessary to learn to carefully observe yourself to learn to recognize spontaneously and unconsciously repressed emotions. In time you will learn to recognize and allow you to come into the consciousness of the emotional reactions that you find repugnant. Some examples of irrational anger, jealousy, selfishness, unreasonable negative feelings towards others, blaming others, need to be better than others, playing the role of victim, the shame ...

At first you increased awareness of these emotions may raise doubts in themselves and what have you people themselves have hitherto considered, and the surface can leave many feeling that you previously suppressed. However, only when you release your criteria and expectations of yourself, you can learn a deeper level of feeling below his armor 'negativity' and find her true identity - to recognize the profound and subtle, extremely pleasant feelings and internal sensations which the suppression ago you could not recognize, and that are often quite new and beautiful experience.

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