Saturday, December 8, 2012

What is really a failure?

You can make mistakes, but that does not mean that you have failed or that you're a loser

The word failure is not in my vocabulary. Honestly, I can not remember when I for myself or someone else thought it was a failure or a "loser." This is not so because I'm perfect. Far from it. I'm wrong every day. But there is a difference. Mistakes are not failures. Mistakes are lessons that are designed to get us started in a different direction. And the idea of ​​a sort of permanent failure - as if it's something that can not be changed.

Let's look at a comparison of the failure, a situation. Let's say you are trying to open your door and you force and push, but the door does not move. You obviously have not noticed a small sign that tells you "drag". What would you do? They gave up and decided that you are totally unsuccessful in opening the door? That would be a little dramatic, do not you? A lot more logical would be to simply change their approach: stop pushing and pulling. Problem solved. Failure avoided.

It seems to me that people who say they have been unsuccessful victim mentality. They celebrate failure as proof that they are never anything good will happen.

Victims will appeal to "pull" sign was not prominent enough. They blame the person who made the door, which they obviously wanted to embarrass. One pointing fingers and blame everyone they can, because failure is never their fault. Obviously - other people are constantly trying to come up with something just to act maliciously toward them and forced them to fail. Even after seeing the sign, the victim will often give up and admit defeat because withdrawal may make all the others, but they probably will not.

Then there is a failure of self-love for There are stubborn people, when they see a sign, they say: "If the doors do not open up the way I want to open, then it is not worth any open". They gave up and went with the sense - at least to maintain their dignity.

Failure only exists when you give up, surrender and start waving the white flag. Giving up, because for whatever reason, the true failure.

Failure is nothing more than a place on the road that leads to success, and where some people decide to stop.

But it is not permanent. You can restart and move on the road when you want. You can learn your lesson whenever you want. You can go back to the door and follow written instructions, pull. And so will your "permanent" failure to become an ordinary small error. It's a lesson for the future.Whenever you access the door, you will experience that you have learned something. You look for a sign. Try to push you, and if that does not work, then you will retreat. And just so you know that if you just give up, you will be closer to your goal to walk through that door.

And all that I have said so far applies to all of life's situations. He just wrapped differently, of course.

The whole idea that there is a failure and that it is permanent, unchanging state is only an illusion.Designed to be resolved to eradicate, weak, neuporne, victims and egocentric. You do not give the puck to cheat and fall for, whatever it is.

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