Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why do they always another happy?

Nothing is going to want? Maybe you're to blame ...

Look at the friend's harmonious relationship and everything is very clear: happiness always have another one. Follows you just have bad luck, you're disappointed for months after the break-up, or not, you can have a happy relationship, while other women feel the love, success and confidence at the plate.

Why? The answer is simple. They keep your life under control. And you? Are you of those who believe that others are to blame for the lack of their own happiness? Parent, a partner, a specific situation? But, have you thought to yourself that you are standing in the way? Is one of the following three typical cases just yours?

First "I can not do anything about it."

Always transfer the blame to someone else. It is, however, easier and more enjoyable, because taking all responsibility for their own actions. However, the understanding by which alone we can not change anything, hinders us to achieve environmental goals and desires. Many women spend enormous energy when you suddenly need to decide how to proceed. Everything will be much easier if you make the effort to understand what their path. You need to separate important from the unimportant, to banish fear of failure, figure out what you want most. And, do not set goals too high.Phased Every win is small triumph.

Your connection to air, the car went downhill? Do you want to save it and resolve the problem, talk about it openly, stand behind their desires, preferences, and backed up his words. Often you will also eliminate misunderstanding and expand your horizons.

Second "I have always the same error."

Misconceptions, mistakes we can not avoid. Error must be, we learn from them. But who always makes the same mistakes, not give you a chance to learn something. Think about the situation and problems. Although they can possibly get away, it's best to confront them.

Here's an example: every time you promise to the next argument with your partner loosen. Listen to his remarks and warnings, even though you see makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not be resigned, think about what you want to achieve, what you want to say. And play in the minds of his reaction: he might get hurt or maybe angry. When you are ready for all that, to the satisfaction of both you can solve the problem. Say goodbye once and for all the old habits.

3rd "That will never happen."

Me everything always goes wrong, do not stand on the sunny side of life ... So think of losers. Who nurtures your inner pessimism hard to achieve their desires. The inner voice that warns you constantly and brakes, always leaves you on the sidelines. In contrast, optimism will show you how to make something beautiful. This success is an incentive to continue. And nothing is so black, so at first glance.

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