Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why do we perform rituals?

Rituals, represent some specific actions that are doing their own choosing, and at a determined pace, that they always reflect our actions in a specific order, and their primary purpose is to enhance the quality of our lives. There are rituals that sprvodimo before bed, desk, of greeting and forgiveness and so on. and they tell us first of all bring a sense of greater security. There are some forms of rituals that are encountered in everyday life everywhere: knock on wood for luck, throw a coin into the fountain, thinks desire when we see a rainbow in the sky, drink a cup of coffee upon waking and after meals and the like.

Advisable and desirable to introduce into your life a "healthy rituals", or those who will encourage you in pleasant feelings or those that can be reflected very positively on your mood. This example could be a weekly breakfast with flowers and a very nice music, or in a special atmosphere that will just come up to the personal needs and uskusu. Or you can drink coffee, tea, cocoa, or some other beverage, flavored with cinnamon or someone you favorite and aromatic addition to Friday evening, which will provide you with an introduction to a new and enjoyable weekend. It is important to consciously perform this ritual to encourage good feeling.
Enter into an agreement with the Friends ritual that will be mutually convenient to feel a shared affection. Be creative, potentially everything is permitted and what feels like both sides, because it's important to always negotiate together who will perform the ritual.
Each season you can greet certain rituals. So you can mark the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter, or to celebrate the shortest night pleasant and the longest day of the year.
Enter in your life a special day in the year when a person will do something "good and special" - but secretly. Zapravno, no one may know that you have done good work. And this behavior is called a "gesture of love" by Alfred Adler, founder of individual psychology, which argues that such a ritual, and may even be "painful heal the soul."
However, certain rituals can also be symptoms of certain diseases, so-called forced gestures.Affected people feel compelled to correct the identified uses Mucna repetitions performed rituals, which limits them and they should be treated with psychotherapy. Forced rituals and serve as an apparent defense of fears, but the fact they only increase is explained by the psychologist Julia Umek.

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