Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All you have to do to 35

It is time to move on because at the end of life, the only thing we remember our experiences 

All we are planning a lot in their lives, but how realistic and realize that? Often we find ourselves in a position to talk for years that we should do something, for example. learn French, write yoga class, or travel to Cuba finally admit to someone that we are always like, ... But time passes, and in the end only to regret missed opportunities, which over the years become more and more difficult to implement ...

It is time to move on because at the end of life, the only thing we remember our experiences.Therefore, we suggest 10 things you should do before the 35-and

First To know true love - a great romantic love, or at least she's crazy, unpredictable love affair that does not let go so easily, are something everyone should experience at least once before 35e. Give into your feelings without fear, and never miss opportunities that you might later regret.

Second Learn at least two foreign languages ​​- foreign language skills for young people in the 21Century is an absolute must! Not only will you be able to better communicate on trips that are before you, but also know the feeling phenomenal!

3rd To see a world - wide travel give us knowledge of the world in which we live, we learn to accept diversity and to acquire new acquaintances. Take a trip beyond the borders of Europe, in a totally different world such as Africa, India, China or Brazil, the experience will surely enrich you and make you a more fulfilled person.

4th Make a lot of nonsense - twenties are a time when you experienced enough to know when doing nonsense, but young enough to not heed. Sit in the car and take a trip into the unknown, fall in love with bad boys, indulge in bungee jumping or spend the night on the riotous party under the stars ... These are the years when you can afford to fudge, which will later will remember with a smile .. .

5th Conclude law, eternal friendship - and 20-and 30-time when you are out of the sea of ​​people and friends that are profiled are really worth your time - the ones who are always there when you need them, which is where you laugh together discover the world.

6th Find your ideal job - Find what makes you good at, what fulfills you and where do you see yourself in the future. This is the first time in his career moves, revealing their strengths and create the foundation for progress in the future.

7th Learn to appreciate their parents - half life of us seem to be the best of enemies, but now it's time to bury the hatchet and finally realize that they are people who love you the most, and that will always be with you no matter what. Give them something nice, call them from time to time and tell them you love them.

8th Try an independent life - even if you do not have the money to his own apartment, independence brings many benefits - you can sleep all day, bring home a new boyfriend without informing parents or appear crazy after leaving home at 9 in the morning, without her father's brown eyes and tests.Even rented flat with roommates is ideal for exercising autonomy.

9th Take care of your finances - start to save money in any building society, life insurance or simply collecting money in a bank account. Get rid of the minus sign and get ready for the most challenging financial period in your life - housing and founding family.

10th Raise the awareness of taking care of yourself! When we are younger, we often do not care enough about their health - eat fast food, and the same goes for cosmetics. What's important is just to fit in a student allowance. No late 20s and the time to finally osvjestite that it does matter what you eat or what you put on yourself. Learn how to take care of your health and your skin, choose only high-quality natural ingredients and enjoy the quality that comes from nature ... 

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