Monday, January 7, 2013

Apply tactic tenderness

Throughout the life we ​​are faced with roadblocks that prevent us from completely satisfied to go through life. Whether these difficulties are personal, professional or social nature, our instincts can often react aggressively to them. 

However, the only way we can get them, and to leave no serious consequences, is to approach them gently and with loving intentions.

You must know that there is a conflict only if they are at least two sides, and many areas can benefit your life if you choose to apply the tactics of endearment to them.

Beauty lies in the tenderness of her manifold nature. Partly love, partly compassion, understanding and partly partly respect for others.

When we go through life gently, naturally and attract similar things in their lives.

This does not mean that they are nice people, passive or weak. But to their inner power to manifest tenderness and applied in many different situations and circumstances in the environment.

When you move through life gently, most windows will disappear, and those that do not disappear easily you can handle. Dualistic approach to the winner-loser makes you any situation, yet the tactics get unlimited patience, gentleness toward people different from themselves.

However, tenderness is not acquired overnight. Tactics tenderness like any other requires practice, especially because people react in most situations competitively. Therefore, gentle behavior in some situations can be really hard and seem unnatural. However, over time, if you consciously apply tactics tenderness, you will realize how much easier to cooperate than compete, much easier to make, but look, thankfully accept your path, but long for the new ...

Your behavior and thoughts will become calmer, and you will thus ensure a more peaceful and less resistance for individual path. 

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