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Are beautiful people happier?

Beauties are better off, creating a comfort environment, which is more readily overlooked because of their moral and intellectual shortcomings 

If you want your picture hanging on the wall that you like or that you repulsive? I'd rather listen to music that feels good, or one that annoys you? Surely you will be, you can choose from, encompassing the sights and sounds that give you pleasure. But what if the people It? Do you give priority to those who like you are physically at the expense of those whose character is not a beautiful experience? If you belong to the majority, you will have to answer in the affirmative.

At school we are taught that it is not fair to discriminate against people based on their appearance, as pleasant exterior may never give you more rights than others. In real life, this recommendation was not true: beautiful people have an advantage at every step, from the cradle to the charity and education, employment and treatment in the justice system. It's not fair, but it is understandable and natural. After all, the beautiful birds are privileged in the animal world.
To understand why is beauty so important, we need to remember why we watch and listen to the beautiful people and things. "Our attachment to the hedonistic beauty of nature.'s Nice is what gives us aesthetic pleasure. Moreover, we consider beautiful precisely what brings us pleasure. Such pleasure is a key component of the experience of beauty," he wrote in an essay, a Danish psychologist Kent Nielsen. It is unfortunate, therefore, that which causes us discomfort and unpleasantness between pleasure and we will always choose the former.

Beauty-like drugs

Psychologist Nancy Etcoff from Massachusetts was studied using brain imaging techniques of visualization (brain imaging) to our brain sees and deals with human physiognomy. She found that when observing a person finds beautiful respondent induced activation of brain center for comfort.The same parts of the brain are activated during the use of drugs, or positive life events, such as the receipt of money or encounter with a loved one.
It is amazing how most people are willing to favor nice just to gain their favor. Have a nice turn with a smile, happy to talk to them and go out to meet them. Since effortlessly establish communication and getting what they want, they seem nice and sweet and understated. Uglier, however, denied attention, which forces them to come out and try more strenuous. Many people are unattractive unfairly characterized as "boring", just because they were trying to fight for the attention it gets automatically more attractive.

English physician Peter Turčinović recently released the results of the 30-year study which followed the lives of people with different degrees of beauty. It found that the environment treats people differently, depending on their physical attractiveness. More people discriminate according to their appearance, but by ethnicity or race, and discrimination from birth. Beautiful babies get more attention from the staff, the damage in the kindergarten, and even parents. The beautiful school kids get better grades in relation to knowledge ružnijih students, as well as being popular among his peers.When poodrastu, easier to obtain a desirable partner and gain more sexual experience, is easier to find a good job and earn more money.

It is possible that people are not aware that unfairly favor the more beautiful. The study al.Turcinovic, it was observed that the damage in kindergarten ignore the ugly child, although it pays five times, until nicely immediately respond and pay more attention to him.

Beauties are better and healthier?

According to the opinion of others. Turcinovic, there is a tendency to equate beauty with goodness."In the minds of the people the government is nice to stereotype well," he said. "So beautiful children automatically are good, dear, they are easier to forgive misdeeds, and ugly is always required when criticizing the culprit."

It is possible an alternative interpretation. It's not necessarily always a nice feel better, fairer and smarter than the others. Sometimes we are perfectly willing to accept that some beautiful, corrupt and stupid, but we're willing to forgive them. Tolerate their negative traits, hoping that we will be your kindness and forbearance to win them as friends or lovers.

It is certain, however, that people equate beauty with better genes and better health. This presumption of prejudice, says Professor S. Michael Kalicki from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Prof. Kalicki in 1998. conducted a comprehensive study of the interface of physical attractiveness and health, using a 70-year-old photographs of several hundred students from Berkeley and Oakland, California, and their histories.

One group of volunteers to assess the attractiveness based on photographs of former students, and the second task was to assess the health of people with the same image. Most assumed that the individual was the most beautiful and healthiest, least beautiful sickest. However, when compared Kalicki ratings for attractiveness with information on health, turned out to be the most attractive people were better physical health, and the least attractive were boležljivije than average. "People really think that the attractiveness indicates health, but such thinking is wrong," commented Kalicki.
However, one group of disease was more prevalent in less likeable people: mental illness. The rate of depression and anxiety is higher among unattractive, but it is certainly not a result of bad genes than stress. Survey Shackleford and Larsen in 1998. showed that less attractive people in my life suffer continuous stress due to other people's rudeness, insults, rejection and other degrading treatment.

This is why many people undergo cosmetic surgery and exhausting diets. The force which states that millions go under the knife or starving to change the physiognomy or physique is the desire for better social status - higher grades in school, richer sex life, better jobs, higher salaries and other benefits.Sounds depressing and uncivilized, but beauty facilitates the achievement of these goals more than the honesty and education.

The key is in the symmetry

Undoubtedly, not everyone has the same taste. Different people like different things. Feedback is always nice to depend on subjective experience, but some forms provide aesthetic pleasure to more people than others.

As far as visual beauty, its key feature is the symmetry. Research in different cultures have shown that observers in all areas of people like them more as their faces and bodies more regular geometry.Love of symmetry is present in animals. Females prefer males striped finches leg with symmetrical stripes, females come to swallow males with symmetrical tails and divojarci ejected from the herd those whose horns are crooked.
In humans, for beauty is the most important equity left and right sides of the face. In one survey respondents to rate a series of images inside the facial scale of one to ten. As the faces were more symmetrical, it was a better grade. It was determined that small children watch more photos symmetrical than asymmetrical faces, showing that our innate tendency to symmetry, and not imposed culture.

If symmetry does not reflect the physical health or goodness, why do we milija of asymmetry? Kent Nielsen believes that the symmetry is attractive because it requires less mental effort. According to his theory, our mind is easier to perceive and process the forms that characterize the regularity and rhythmic repetition, it is chaotic and irregular shapes characteristic of asymmetric objects. 

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