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Are you temperamental?

Sometimes you need to scream, sometimes to ask, sometimes react them, and even stir. For people who are loud and there di di should not be said to be temperamental; show his temper at any cost, and a big time safety in your mind! These are people with attitude, crooks do not like them, do not bullshit Banned lively person .... You'll create inconvenience, because they do not like it when sludge! Temperament is the negative side of our personality, indeed, is positive and it should be emphasized, but of course, not too! I appreciate people with an attitude, but we often resent exaggerate when forced to bury one's mind! Attitudes for reasons, not for competition!

People are not just temperamental! Examples are the ideal temperament of cats! Many do not like them just because of their nature, but to me they just take simpa. In dealing with people, do not believe everyone does not love anyone, but when you come to love, they are very lovable and loyal, not afraid to show his oneraspoloženost, when you do not want to be touching, scratching, biting and even loved ones.
To better understand the temperament of the scientific point of view
According to generally accepted Hippocratic division, there are four types of temperaments: Sanguine (jolly, party people, a man with an excess of positive energy, and the action is dependent on the excitement), sometimes I wonder where did that energy draws!?, Kolerik (born leader, organizer, very energetic and confident, initiator, likes to keep all the strings in his hands, has strong opinions), to say that someone has a temper, usually refers to kolerik, melancholic (withdrawn, sensitive, does not like to stand out, dramatic, often pessimistic about the world and is prone to giving grief), phlegmatic (sluggish, nor he is in no hurry, knows how to enjoy the little things, does not seek some thrills, take life easy and safe, no risk, but sometimes it will idle and turbo)

But that is not delusion, no strictly defined man. A man is usually the combination of all four, and one or two of the four basic temperaments, more dominant. Although it may be born as a sangvinik example, under the influence of the environment, can be converted into a pure melancholic, or phlegmatic kolerik when he grows up. Therefore, the division into four basic temperament is not taken as a model of labeling people, but as a guide to better understanding and acceptance of those around them as much as yourself.

Personality Test

By solving the notes with the paper points to a later able to calculate the total number of points earned.
Postajte us your score!

First When you feel the best?
a. The morning (2 points)
b. Afternoon and prevečer (4 points)
c. Late in the evening (6 points)

Second When you walk, walk ...
a. Fairly fast, with long steps (6 points)
b. Relatively fast, with little steps (4 points)
c. Not so fast head up, looking ahead (7 points)
d. Not so fast, head down (2 points)
email. Very slowly (1 point)

3rd When you talk to people ...
a. You are standing with her arms crossed (4 points)
b. You have your hands clasped (2 points)
c. One or both hands on the hips (5 points)
d. Touch or push the person you are talking to (7 points)
email. You play with your ear, touch your chin, or smooth your hair (6 points)

4th When relaxing, you sit with ...
a. Your knees bent, your feet are relaxed to one another (4 points)
b. Cross-legged (6 points)
c. Straight legs outstretched (2 points)
d. On one leg curled under you (1 point)

5th When something really amuses you, you react ...
a. Loud laughter (6 points)
b. Laugh, but not loud (4 points)
c. Quiet giggling (3 points)
d. Shy smile (2 points)

6th When you go to a social gathering ...
a. Make a loud entrance so everyone ahead of you (6 points)
b. You come and look unnoticed around looking for famous people (4 points)
c. You are totally seamless and trying to make you do not notice the (2 points)

7th You really immersed ourselves in a very busy you and someone stops you ...
a. You are lucky because of the interruption (6 points)
b. Extremely irritated because (2 points)
c. Somewhere you are between the two extremes (4 points)

8th What is your favorite color?
a. Red or orange (6 points)
b. Black (7 points)
c. Yellow or light blue (5 points)
d. Green (4 points)
email. Dark blue or purple (3 points)
f. White (2 points)
g. Brown or black (1 point)

9th When you are in bed at night, a few moments before you fall asleep ...
a. 're Sprawled on his back (7 points)
b. 're Sprawled face down (6 points)
c. , Slightly curled on his side (4 points)
d. Your head on one arm (2 points)
email. With your head under the covers (1 point)

10th I often dream that ...
a. Falling (4 points)
b. The dozen or fight (2 points)
c. Something or someone looking for a (3 points)
d. To fly or levitate (5 points)
email. Generally do not dreaming (6 points)
f. The dreams are always pleasant (1 point)

Now add up your points and see the result

Personality test results

Over 60 points: Dominance
Others see you as a person with kojojm be "handled with care" as a proud, self-centered and very dominant person. Some of you admire and want to be like you, but do not hesitate to believe always take with you into a deeper relationship.

51 to 60 points: temperament
Others see you as an exciting person, volatile, impulsive, as a natural leader, who's quick to make decisions, though not always correct. They see you as bold, adventurous, someone who will always try to dare and who enjoys the adventure. Enjoy being in your company because of the excitement that radiates.

41 to 50 points: CONVENIENCE
Others see you as a direct, lively, charming, amusing, practical and always interesting person who is always the center of attention, but sufficiently well balanced not to let it go to his head. Also see you as kind, considerate person, full of understanding that will always cheer them up and help.

31 to 40 points: DEVOTION
Others see you as a reasonable, cautious, careful person, smart, talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly, but you are extremely loyal to those who become your friends and expect the same in return for loyalty. Those who really get to know you, realize it takes a lot to get your faith shaken friends, but you also need a lot to remember, if that trust is ever broken.

21 to 30 points: CAUTION
Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy. They see you as very cautious, extremely caring person, as someone who works slowly and steadily. It would really surprise them if you react impulsively, because they expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then quit. They believe that the reason for your careful nature.

Less than 21 points: NEODLUČNOST
People think you are shy, nervous, and indecisive, someone who needs looking after, who always wants someone else to make the decisions and who does not want to interfere in anything. You are forever anxious for them who always sees problems nonexistent. Some people think you're boring.Only those who know you well know that you are not.

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